Natural Beauty Tips on a Budget

by Andrea Stacey
(London, U.K.)

Here’s a painful fact of life: the older you get, the more you have to spend on products that are good for your skin!

You simply need to take care of yourself more because your system doesn’t heal as quickly once you become part of the “mature” crowd.

But here’s a little secret, you don’t need to hurt your savings to be able to take care of yourself better. Especially now that the world is going through a form of recession, it’s time to be practical.

If you have cash to burn, then go ahead and indulge yourself. Lavish your skin on pampering session that comes with expensive oils, lotions, and perfumes.

But when you are more like the majority, you may feel more stressed in the end when you get to see that you’ve maxed out your monthly budget.

You should never take yourself for granted, but then again, you can always get that youthful glowing skin even while you’re strapped for cash. Right now, it’s time to know what the beauty basics are so that you can have them on your vanity instead of all the other extras.

If you want to exude health, you need to take into account what you eat and take in. It can never be stressed enough that fruits are your skin’s best friends and whether they are applied directly or snacked on, these give you the most satisfying results.

Aside from what you eat, get helpful doses of vitamins, particularly A and C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and fiber. These are great skin food because aside from giving life to your pale pallor or sullen look, it also regulates circulation, improves immunity, and helps fight a variety of skin allergies.

Snack on fruits high in water content so you have other ways to rehydrate aside from water.

Always wash your face before hitting the sheets. You age for days at a time every time you forget to remove the day’s dust and grime. While there are no direct links to this claim, cleaning your face is a non-negotiable must.

Your skin needs to breathe and it just can’t if your pores are clogged with microscopic dust. Try using a gentle cleanser and apply a toner to keep the pores on your skin tight. Top it off with a moisturizer that serves to hydrate and rejuvenate your precious skin.

To make things even better, get enough rest and relaxation. Sleep helps your skin in its effort to remove the dead skin cells. If you are vigilant with this routine, you can stave off dullness, wrinkles, and dark circles around your eyes.

Keep all these problems at bay with at least six to eight hours of rest nightly. If you have problems with your sleep patterns, they say that a tablespoon of honey to a glass of warm milk does the trick.

Also, exercise is still the best way to improve and boost your system’s strength. By constantly moving those limbs and muscles, you help increase circulation. Your body will have the ability to deliver the proper nutrients to your skin cells.

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Updated: December 28, 2013 — 5:03 pm

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