Natural Beauty Tips From The Experts

by Helene Mansion
(Adelaide, Australia)

You do not need to have a perfect feature or a waif-like figure to be a natural beauty.

Every person is unique in their own way and this uniqueness is what makes a person beautiful.

Remember to enhance what you already have. If you have a strong nose or a good jaw line or high cheek bones, you can use these features and put some effort in enhancing your good points.

By using the following tips from beauty experts you can look good and feel beautiful:

1. Take care of your skin. 

Having a good skin, no matter what your complexion, will be your basic investment for looking good. Whether your skin is fair, brown or dark, – as long as it is glowing and radiant, you will achieve an overall healthy look.

Here are some ways to attain that healthy looking skin:

– If you are eating a great amount of junk food, your skin will look dull, dry and unhealthy. Eat foods enriched with vitamins that are beneficial for the skin so that you can achieve an inner glow.

– Get enough sleep to avoid those unsightly bags under your eyes.

– Hydrate your skin by drinking a lot of water.

– Use a good exfoliating product on your skin regularly. Having a regular regimen will help keep your skin healthy. Make sure that the products that you use are applicable to your skin type.

2. Keep the skin on your face blemish-free.

If there is a blemish on your face, a quick fix is to use Visine; soak a cotton ball in it and hold it on the affected area to eliminate any redness. Then, use a single drop of Preparation H to remove the blemish.

To make wrinkles to disappear, apply a highlighter directly onto the crease after you use foundation over your entire face; then blend and set with face powder.

3. Use makeup to your advantage to highlight your features, especially your eyes. 

For those “not-so-good” days where there are dark circles under your eyes, use an orange concealer mixed with foundation.

Apply this under your eyes then apply foundation as usual. Use an eye shadow to highlight your eyelids but avoid using purple and blue colors.

Use a small amount of foundation to lighten your eyebrows then brush use small makeup brush to comb it through the brows.

Use lip colors that can enhance the brightness of your teeth.

By following these beauty tips from professionals, you can accentuate the best of your facial features that allow you to look good on the outside and feel better on the inside.

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Updated: October 29, 2012 — 10:48 pm

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