Natural Beauty Tips For Firming Up Your Skin

by Babs O’Reilly
(Miami, Florida, USA)

Fitting into your old clothes doesn’t have to be too distant a dream. Just follow a few tips to help you firm up, tone, and redefine your silhouette. Age is never an excuse for gaining weight.

It’s time to take matters into your hands and do something about your lifestyle. Yes, slimming down and toning your body requires a bit of work, but you have control over it. With the right beauty ritual on a daily basis, you can finally feel good about yourself.

Experts actually claim that white tea and anise help break down the skin’s fat storage and increase collagen production. Pretty soon, excess fat is broken down and skin becomes tighter and firmer, giving you that slimmer shape you’ve always wanted. Aside from that, supplement these substances with the following healthy habits:

1. Get into a regular workout routine. Squeeze in at least a thirty-minute workout into your daily schedule. A regular cardio exercise not only ups your endurance, but it also helps speed up your metabolism.

Ultimately, this helps lower your body’s caloric levels. If you can’t find the time to do this, park your car a few blocks away from work and walk your way to and from the office.

2. Also remember that six meals a day is a lot better than three. Break up your daily food intake into six small meals. By eating smaller amounts spaced two to three hours apart, you get to have better control of your appetite.

If you prefer to stick to a particular diet, see a nutritionist who can map out a diet plan that keeps your lifestyle and preferences in mind.

3. The keyword to keep in mind at all times is balance. Know your body’s contours to find the type of clothing that flatters your body’s silhouette. If you’re top heavy, try and stick to dresses with soft, flowing fabrics.

A-line skirts and flared pants naturally draw the eyes downward. If you’re bottom heavy, avoid loose pants that add bulk to your hips, hipsters, and tapered bottoms. If you’ve been blessed with a regular shape, create an illusion of a figure by cinching clothes at the waist with a belt.

4. Try out skin firming products that are out in the market. Skincare is as every bit as important in slimming down your silhouette.

Go for products that effectively tone the skin and act against unwanted flab. Use these moisturizers and lotions morning and night to keep skin soft and supple, as well as firm and toned.

Remember, the skin is your body’s biggest organ. This is what people first see when they look at you. Work on taking care of it and avoid exposing yourself to the harsh elements of nature. Aside from that, don’t be scared to sweat it out every so often.

Sweating removes all the unwanted toxins from your system, and when you try to exercise regularly, you’ll soon see your skin clearing up as well as becoming firm. It’s time to get healthy, and you can only do this with sheer willpower. You’ll soon enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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Updated: October 29, 2012 — 10:46 pm

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