Natural Beauty Guide – Look Natural for a Better You

by Babs O’Reilly
(Miami, Florida, US)

A good principle to apply when putting on makeup is to appear that you did not actually put on makeup. The common terms for this look today is minimalist, nude, sheer, au natural – all of them meaning “less is more”. Looking natural is the way to go.

‘Au Natural’

The way to achieve an all-natural look is by using “invisible” makeup products.

With the casual and easy-going lifestyle of today, it would be inappropriate to have a “made-up” look. The beauty products that are used today still create a fresh look and inner glow.

The goal is to appear as if you are wearing no makeup when you are actually wearing the sheerest shades and tints of beauty products. Such a look can be achieved by using a sheer foundation that matches the skin tone.

Applying a lighter or darker shade of foundation than the true color of your skin will create an unnatural appearance.

Next, apply a pale shade of lipstick with to give you that fresh, dewy look.

Take a look at some other beauty products that will give you that “au natural” look:

1. Non-foundation – these foundations are those that give you that “nude” color, depending on your skin tone, which create the illusion of not wearing a makeup base.

2. Light-tinted moisturizers – hydrating your skin has never been more fun. You can wear these light-tinted moisturizers under your make-up to add to your “au natural” look.

Look for brands that protect the skin. Moisturizers can be put under your make up and the sheer color will perfect the color of your skin giving you a blemish-free look.

3. Lip gloss or nude lipstick – for a natural look, use a product that will give a sheen to your lips.

You can use lip gloss by itself or over lipstick of a different, but light shade. Your goal is to appear as if the lipstick is barely there.

4. Invisible makeup products – there are eye shadows, lip tints, light eyebrow pencils, blushes and a host of other beauty products that will give you that fresh, just “out-of-bed” look.

By using the proper application you can have the natural beauty, minimalist look that will show off the real you.

The woman of today wants to be accepted for who and what she is.

By achieving an “au natural” look, you can show off the real you to the world – a woman who is not afraid to be her self and wants to be liked for what she is beneath the covering of minimal embellishments.

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Updated: October 29, 2012 — 10:27 pm

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