Natural Beauty – Breast Firming Exercises to Prevent Sagging

by Sue Bond
(New York, USA)

Most women will experience the discomfiture and embarrassment of sagging breasts – especially large-breasted women. Gravity is the culprit that pulls the breasts downward as we age, but it can actually happen at any time.

The breasts contain no muscles, but a network of ligaments and connective tissue. This network is meant to provide milk to a newborn, and after breastfeeding the tissues shrivel, but the skin around them doesn’t, causing the breasts to droop.

Even if you’re childless or have never nursed, the genes you were born with and the elasticity of the skin also determine how severely the breasts sag and at what age they’ll begin to sag.

Amazingly, it’s been proven that wearing a bra doesn’t prevent breasts from sagging.

Some scientific findings have actually found that wearing a bra may increase breast sagging because the breasts are immobile in a bra and therefore will atrophy in time.

Wearing a bra will, however, shape the breasts and lift them so that you’ll look better in clothing.

The following exercises are known to tone the breasts and prevent sagging:

• Push-ups – 
One of the best exercises to tone your upper body, including your breasts. If it’s difficult to push up from the floor, try doing them against a wall.

• Chest presses – 
Use weights or stretch bands to work those pectoral muscles. It will do wonders for your upper body and your breasts.

Basically, any exercise that improves your upper body will also benefit your breasts. When you jog, be sure to wear a good sports bra.

Bouncing up and down could break down the ligaments in your breasts and make them sag even more.

Practice standing up straight in front of a mirror. Notice how your breasts naturally raise up with your straightened back.

This is a quick “fix” but very obvious and is also good for your self-esteem.

Be sure and exfoliate and then apply lotion to your breasts to keep the skin healthy. And don’t forget the importance of good nutrition.

A healthy diet will help to preserve the elasticity of the ligaments inside the breasts and keep them from breaking down with age.

Losing weight will also help the appearance of your breasts. When fat weighs down the various parts of our bodies, everything begins to sag, including the breasts.

You may go down a bra size, but your breasts will be perkier and healthier.

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Updated: June 18, 2013 — 2:37 pm

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