1. Please read your email

  2. I need your help:)Please

  3. I can totally relate! your story is very similar to what I am going through
    now. do you work out every day and how many calories do you eat?

  4. Thank you for sharing your story and I am glad to hear that your dad is
    doing better !!!

  5. I felt like giving up to lose my weights. once I watched your video. urm. I

  6. really? 10 pounds up and down is a lot!! i used to be fat (32% fat) last
    year. im now down to 23%… my weight stays the same =)) but if i put
    10pounds more, its alot for me.. and its gonna take me at least 6 months to
    bring down….

  7. sugar is a carbohydrate, simple carb vegies are complex, pasta and white
    bread are simple whole wheat is complex.

  8. How did you lose weight?!?!

  9. U have inspired me

  10. Love your video!

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  12. well done 😀 love your sharing xx

  13. You know, it’s probably good that you tracked your calorie intake closely
    in the beginning because it made you more aware of how much you were
    eating. So many people are just not aware of how much calories they are
    actually consuming, and it can be a real eye opener once you start paying
    attention. You look great and I wish you continued good health!

  14. what were your typical meals like?

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  16. Cool, how much excess weight could people lose? My dad shred 2 stone after
    studying Wretch Weight Workings. Just google it :)

  17. Beautiful <3 

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    visit my page! I am losing weight before my husband comes home from
    deployment. I really need the support and help! Thank you!!!

  19. Wow thats fantastic !

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    so easily using Vixen Fat Loss (Google it).

  21. You are such an achiever! I am so happy for you. You look amazingly

  22. Thank you so much for making this video your beautiful inside and out.
    Congrats and you sound like me. I wish we could be friends.

  23. GOOD FOR you and great job!! you need to get a facebook page and a twitter
    account too ..so many people struggle with weight and you can be
    inspiration for us all….GOD BLESS!!

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  25. Great story! I like how you want to help people too. Good Job!!!

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