1. The same weight that you started at and seeing that you were able to do it
    make me believe that I can too.. Keep up your hard work . <3

  2. Keep up the great work!

  3. What exactly did you do if I may ask?

  4. I love this video, had to sub you are amazing and inspiring.

  5. Very encouraging….

  6. i loved your video… you are so beautiful.. i have just started my weight
    loss journey.. and your video is really inspiring…

  7. You are SOOO sweet! You have no idea how much that means to me that I am
    able to inspire <3 Good luck on your journey!

  8. Thank you so much!!!!

  9. Thank you <333

  10. Hi julie I will do a video on my workouts and exactly what I ate this week!
    I have a video posted of some of the food I ate during my journey

  11. Thank you <3

  12. I KNOW you can do it!!!! Good luck on your journey! Message me whenever you
    need help or anything through out your journey <3

  13. Search Google for Fast Fat Furlong… Its the best way to lose weight. It’s
    a nice video you’ve put together but wait until you see the diet plan you
    could learn when you check out Fast Fat Furlong… My brother shred 8
    pounds in 1 week.

  14. U are my motivation ! ♡♥♡ Goodluck

  15. You are my motivation 😉

  16. I had tears in my eyes watching your video! Truly amazing! I too need to
    get my butt in gear!

  17. You are so beautiful. wow. This is so inspiring to me, i’m trying to lose
    65 pounds in 6 months. Can I please email you? 

  18. U lost a lot I’m happy for u

  19. I just started my weight loss journey and found your video…I am trying to
    lose 80 lbs and am down 10 so far (I started 10 days ago). I will keep
    following you because you are so inspirational! Thank you so much for
    sharing your story and keep up the amazing work!

  20. Phenomenal!! What an incredible change in you and in six months!! Love

  21. You’re beautiful. Before as well as after. You are an absolute inspiration
    to me. Thanks in advance =) 

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    that for me. Give it a go, just search Google Wretch Weight Workings.

  23. You’ve done awesome!! Good job! I lost lbs! Its hard work but its worth it!

  24. Great Job!!! You go girl!

  25. What did you do ?

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