1. You are very inspiring! Amazing job!

  2. amazing transformation!!! I’m so proud of you, i will definitely taking
    some of the tips you shared in this video!

  3. Good job amy! I am dieting since june and I am not far away from my goal
    weight. You look great!!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing your story its a boost of motivation.

  5. Guys, I’m unable to respond to a TON of comments on here with the new
    update like I could before (reply button isn’t there), I’m not ignoring
    you! I’ve had a few q’s about loose skin so here’s my answer: It really
    depends on your genetics & body composition whether your skin will
    immediately snap back or you’ll have the loose skin. After 60lbs I luckily
    don’t have any, but I was prepared for it. You’ve got to look at pros &
    cons, for me I’d rather be at a happier/healthier weight with the loose
    skin. Skin is elastic and a living organism so it has the potential to snap
    back, your best bet is to keep yourself moisturized with body butters &
    don’t worry about it too much/see what happens!

  6. If you guys have any questions you need me to directly answer your best bet
    is to contact me via YouTube message, MyFitnessPal or the email on my page.
    YT isn’t letting me respond to a lot of comments & interact with you on the
    comment page anymore :(

  7. Loved this video – very inspirational!

  8. You look great! You are very inspiring!

  9. Does anyone know her fitness pal username? I couldn’t hear it well..

  10. thank you so much for this video! so so so helpful 🙂 <3 

  11. Love this vid! Feeling motivated. (:

  12. Awesome Girlie! Before watching this video I was guna get pizza now I
    headed out for a salad! 

  13. Thank you so much, I’m on day 4 of doing 1200 cal on MyFItness Pal and have
    lost 4 pounds already! You’ve motivated me to keep going and know what I’m
    looking forward to! I also have 60 pounds to lose. 😀 

  14. Pilates is great for a flat tummy. Try reformer classes 🙂 xx

  15. Congrats on your weightloss! You look great 🙂 I need to step my game up
    lol I gained about 5-7 kilo’s in 6 months. Which might not sound like a lot
    but now I have to jump up and down to put on my jeans haha. And that’s NOT
    a good look. Thnx for sharing

  16. Good for you! You’re beautiful^^

  17. Need a bit more research. Milk can actually make your bones more brittle.
    Meat is largely unhealthy for you. You can get ALL and more from plant
    based diets and YES including protein. 

  18. awesome video! I’ve been really lazy about exercise since having my
    daughter, but this video has really gave me a little push of motivation to
    get back in the gym!

  19. First time watching and you inspired me already. I will surely change my
    lifestyle soon. Thank you. By the way in terms of stretch marks did you
    have any?

  20. The HIIT thing reminded me of high school gym. They made us walk 1 minute
    and a half, and then non-stop run for 1 minute straight. We had 2 gym
    teachers, so we couldn’t cheat when we’d run out of the gym and in the
    hallways. lol. This is inspiring. I’m going to be joining a gym in January
    and eating more healthy.

  21. Nice Hun. Just beautiful !!!

  22. Whats your email?

  23. WOW! CONGRATULATIONS! This TOTALLY took some effort — I am SO IMPRESSED
    & I wish you EVERY good thing, especially since you’re going out of your
    way to give hope & practical advice to other people. YOU ROCK!

  24. Great job! thank for sharing :)

  25. Thats what i was looking for..you inspire me.I have lost 15pounds in 5
    months and want to shed another 15 pounds.your video is different cos i
    feel that all you say comes from your heart.CONGRATS n GOD BLESS

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