My Pick for Women's Workout Gear

Over the past few decades, fitness and self preservation has been a huge craze in American society. Most of us can remember going to jazzercise class with our mothers and sitting in the back of a musty room while a dozen or so women gyrated to the music of Jane Fonda and the like. Though the days of the neon colored, mismatched leotard swimsuit combination is a thing of the past, women have continued to be infected with the fitness bug, so the sale of clothing gear for the fitness industry has sky rocketed accordingly. Because of the onslaught of gear that can be bought, mistakes in buying the type of gear that will most affectively aid in your fitness endeavor can be made. Most of us can attest to seeing a woman in the gym clad den with gym shoes and a business suit, trying to squeeze in here thirty minutes of walking during their lunch break or before work. Here is a guide to some of the best buys in woman’s workout gear.

In the Gym
Some women have a tendency to feel insecure about their bodies. Some even feel overwhelmed when the make it into the gym and see a number of skinny women treading away on the stair master or sprinting it out on the treadmill. Do not let this stop you. You just have to pick the right clothes so that you feel comfortable pressing the iron next to the skinny fashion model. Jordan’s Lifestyle and Puma clothing line offers great style that will accommodate you in the gym. I would choose Puma’s Women’s Boy Tank ($17.99) for a top and Jordan’s Lifestyle Women’s Short ($43.99). The Boy Tank will keep to the simple stylish fashion in this flattering Puma tank while still featuring the “Puma” and cat logo on chest and is100% cotton. The Lifestyle women’s short is 88% polyester and 12% spandex with a convenient elastic waist, external draw cord, and fold-over at the waistband. The “Jumpman” logo is located on the back. This short also has a 3″ inseam.

This being said some woman can not get past the insecurity of being in a gym and opt to have their fitness training out doors. Now that the Fall season is quickly creeping upon us, the same attire that you wear while working out in a sweaty, musty and all be it heated, workout facility, is not the same prescription for attire when training in the slightly chilly, wind and rain. I would choose as Jordan Lifestyle Women’s Relaxed-Fit Tee ($31.99) for a top and Jordan Lifestyle Women’s Pant ($59.99) as a bottom. The Jordan Relaxed-Fit Tee has a 92% cotton and an 8% spandex body with 96% cotton and 4% spandex rib. It features screen printed and flock printed graphics. The Jordan Pant is a women’s casual pant made of 78% cotton and 22% polyester a d has an elastic waistband, side leg slits, metal rivets, and white stone accents.

Weather sweating to the oldies inside a world class fitness facility or trying to endure your training on a cool, windy Fall morning, you are going to have to have protection on your feet that is conducive to blood circulation, give you the correct arch support and that will stop Mr. Right dead in his tracks when he sees you dash by. This could be tricky because women’s body structure vary greatly, greater than that of a man so there are many different shapes and styles that are available for a woman. Also, depending on your mood that morning, your sense of coordination could fluctuate as well. The good thing is that most gym shoes (trainers) could be worn inside the gym and also worn for you outside run in the park. I would suggest buying a pair of Nike’s Women’s Shox MC Trainers ($99.99) in Black, Ink and Silver. This trainer is made for that woman looking for stability, articulated fit and responsive cushioning, during your workout and the dark color will keep you from having to clean them so often. This trainer also boasts of synthetic leather and mesh uppers which add support and breathability. Individual support straps in the midfoot are also present with a. protective toe tip overlay that offers added durability.

As a fitness enthusiast, I strive to help everyone feel comfortably in their skin while trying to obtain their fitness goals. Hopefully by reading this, you have come one step closer to unleashing the fitness guru that is waiting to bust out of you without sending you running to the poor house.

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