1. In the video I said I go to the gym 3x a week, and I go for maybe 90
    minutes but i do weights and abs which takes a long time And any cardio,
    even once a week would help you lose weight. But of course more regular
    exercise means better results. I would really look in to finding a personal
    trainer if youre not sure where or how to start

  2. Thanks Trish 🙂 im glad you feel that way!

  3. Could you do a tutorial on styling your hair like that? x

  4. How do kick the soda addiction? And I am also addicted to eating out, how
    do you kick that addiction too? I agree with Trishique you are the best! I
    so love all your videos about your way of eating, exercise and do’s and
    don’t’s to eating healthy!!!

  5. How long did it take you to achieve your results/ current body? & how long
    have you been working out with your current routine?

  6. Anything thats strenuous so sprinting etc is going to encourage thicker

  7. I used to be a swimmer and my practice was quite intense so I build up lots
    of big muscle and of course wide shoulder which now I find it so hard to
    lose it. then i tried regular yoga for 4 months, its good to keep me
    exercise but still cant help me to get away my thighs my bulky arms ( cuz i
    get bulky easily) after watching your video, i think i will try hot yoga
    and try to avoid some positions when i practice. Thx for ur advice!

  8. hey jackie, i’m lost! im the person who asked about bodyfat% in a different
    video. so i have 12.7% bodyfat and holypoop (i know, im a baby) 45% muscle.
    my arms are just like yours – it builds muscle super quickly. my legs are
    muscley huge. i only do a bit of elliptical workouts and squats. how do i
    get leaner muscle? :'( i’m feel so manly! help meee jackie, i dont wanna
    grow manparts! jk but really, i’d like leaner muscles 🙂

  9. could you do a tutorial.. on squats ? i think i’ve been doing it right
    cause i’m seeing some results with the bum but my thighs are like.. huge
    now . i just wanna see your version of squats . please ! (:

  10. Hmm..how did you get this measured? Some ways are more accurate than others
    but the high end of normal for women is right around 40%. I’d avoid things
    like sprinting since its arduous and encourages thick muscle, but try yoga
    or pilates. Theyre both good for leaner muscle

  11. Hi Teresa, I have some healthy meal examples up on my channel already 🙂
    But ill be doing more soon!

  12. i loveeeeee these fitness, diet, health videos

  13. Hey Jackie! I’m the one who asked you where you got your food containers
    the other day on twitter haha. Anyways I was wondering what you can do to
    slim down the thighs and butt? I am a quarter Japanese 🙂 and I am 5′ 3″
    130 pounds. I run 5 days a week and do the stairclimber at the gym. I know
    you can’t lose weight from a specific area of the body, but I was wondering
    if you had any ideas or suggestions..

  14. Jackie, I really want a perky bubble butt. I’m 5’3. 110 pounds. Every of
    mine is virtually flat, the only bump I have is my butt, and I’m not
    satisfied with it at all. Are there anything workout or things I can do at
    home to achieve a perky bubble butt? Thank you so much! Your videos was
    really helpful 🙂

  15. I struggle with not eating carbs=weight gain 🙁 what did you eat to cut off
    the carbs, Jackie? I really love your videos; they’re really easy to relate
    to and helpful

  16. Hi connie 🙂 Im so glad! Most people would honestly be less hungry if they
    drank more water. I drink almost 2L a day (or I try to) since thats only
    slightly more than whats recommended. But I personally hate BB cream btw-
    it makes me break out really badly. Ived tried 7 different kinds and I wont
    touch anymore because of how bad they make me break out. I dont even get
    small pimples, its full blown cystic acne. I think the stuff SOUNDS nice
    but i never heard of it making anyones skin better

  17. Pilates and yoga are both good for leaning down muscle 🙂 you do have to
    have somewhat realistic expectations though. Im a pear too and thats just
    kind of a genetics thing usually

  18. Its really give and take- yes youll probably lose on your bust but you
    either keep the bust and the fat or lose somewhere. I’d try leaning down
    and see what you would prefer- you may remain fuller in the bust area than
    you think. Squats will help you keep your butt- If you already have a butt
    you’re probably genetically inclined to growing one- which makes it 10X
    easier. Its nearly impossible for people who arent inclined to have a “big”

  19. You should give barre classes a try, since you have a ballet background.
    The classes make you long and lean. Love your videos!!! 🙂

  20. I know you say you did a lot of cardio, but what would you consider a lot?
    I am of a similar height to you, and I go to the gym every other day and I
    mainly do cardio for about an hour and a half each time. Do you think
    increasing the amount of cardio I do will help with more effective weight
    loss? x

  21. I dont do as much as other people since I do HIIT but an hour and a half is
    completely overkill unless youre just one of those long distance runners
    and thats your thing. But from a weight loss stand point any cardio over 1
    hour is too much. I would really just look at your diet and what you can
    improve since my guess is thats where your problem is What kind of cardio
    are you doing? That may give me some insight too, but no I dont recommend
    any more cardio as thats already too much

  22. Oh thanks for your reply jackie! 🙂 love these videos, they are always so
    informative. you should start up a health and fitness channel!

  23. I’ve heard so many times that running (esp on treadmills) makes your thighs
    & calves bigger over time.. is that true?

  24. Seems like we all gain weight in college! That is my problem right now. I
    get so busy with school that I just eat whatever so I’m not hungry and can
    get back to what I’m doing. I really love when you do these
    fitness/weightloss videos. It gives me a lot of ideas of things to do to
    lose the weight so thank you!

  25. wow you are awesome, so honest and lovely! thanks for sharing your
    experience it is very helpful! 🙂

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