1. What do you suggest for lunch and dinner

  2. you are so graceful and cute. I love the way you talk.

  3. I have seen it at Dollar tree !!

  4. 有難う

  5. C I think

  6. Your Japanese is brilliant!! Your channel is full of resourceful
    informations for beauty and how to keep positive attitudes. And
    personally… – 日本を離れて外国語の学習に励む私はメロディーさんから元気をいただきました。これからも投稿を楽しみにしています。

  7. Love, from Norway <3

  8. Do u hv any suggestions for people who don’t like soy milk

  9. And tofu

  10. try walnut or almond milk! coconut milk also works!!!

  11. Is there a way to eat nato without wanting to wrinkle your nose? All my
    friends eat it but I just can’t get past the smell.

  12. i have a super sensitive nose and with natto, u just get used to it!
    taste>smell! ^^

  13. Blue Diamond Almonds has a line called ALMOND BREEZE and they have almond
    milk coconut milk Blend. it’s delicious!

  14. Your Are So Pretty!

  15. Full Circle is a great all-natural and organic brand to try if you live in
    the US. They offer soy milk, almond milk, and more in a variety of flavors
    (i.e., unsweetened, chocolate, vanilla). They are rather inexpensive, too
    — only $3 roughly a carton.

  16. I just found your channel. And I’m falling in love with it. And subscribe
    already 🙂 I’m so inspired to start a healthy lifestyle. Please post more
    videos on healthy lifestyle skincare & recipes 🙂 Have a good day

  17. is thst fireplace behind you real!’

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  20. hi, just a wonder. have u heard about the studies related to kimchi and
    stomach cancer and other pickled/ fermented items. it’s pretty high in both
    korea and japan, just wanted to know ur thoughts or research on the

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  22. I can’t wait to try to make the Miso soup I think it may break my not
    eating breakfast habit. Thank you so much.

  23. I’m lovin this chick

  24. i love tufo, but not tufo here in north america

  25. As for the fermented foods, one reason many Germans live a long and healthy
    life, Sauerkraut! :D

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