1. Intelligence is absolutely sexy.

  2. I like your videos because you never lie to us. Love you! xxx

  3. Nice aprroach. Sometimes you just really ave to set it out there so to
    speak. Good good sense.

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  5. u look like u r 28

  6. Great video!! She wasn’t over dramatic she spoke like a normal human being!
    She really knows how to relate to most of us and help us think clearly on
    eating 🙂

  7. why do i always watch these model videos while eating doritos

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  10. i was tought to eat healthy and always when is someone jelaus about my
    figure i feel embarassed because im not on strict diets, im not
    starving…im just eating 4-5 times a day- my mum cooks, or i cook some
    simple food…and people just dont do that.and you are right..people
    overeat themselfs

  11. I think I’ve watched this video maybe three times this year.. I don’t know
    I just love you so much!

  12. that`s a great video about food and how to deal with it.

  13. OMG YOU RANT SO FRICKING MUCH. Just say “I don’t support this whole
    unhealthy lifestyle rail-thin, crash diet thing” and MOVE ON.

  14. LOVE the way you demonstrate. I want cut down 15pounds in a month, do you
    have any tips?…

  15. Great video! Love the way you are thinking!!! <3

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  17. You’re 32! wow you look really young for your age :)) what are your secrets

  18. Great video! I subbed!

  19. “shoppin trolley” hahaha

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  21. some of the best diet advice I’ve seen on youtube! Thank you

  22. Gorgeous, gorgeous girl – wow

  23. LOL I have the same hoodie! 😛

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    you should come check it out 🙂

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