1. 45 idiots dislike this. whatever.

  2. Brenda, how do you” control the vessel”?

  3. Geez..where do I find a girl like this? What a women!

  4. Great video! I totally agree, have you heard about Dr.Robert Young?? He’s
    excellent look him up;)

  5. Keep up the good work! I also have a fitness channel that I update daily
    with tips on weight and fat loss and general fitness. Check it out!

  6. I hate guys they have to writw Kommlis like that -.-

  7. I just have to say thank you. I am going through a break up (were together
    3 years and still live together) and I have really let myself go. I gained
    about 40 lbs and your videos are helping me get back to who I was… Or
    getting acquainted with the new me. I love your food/meal videos!

  8. Hi Brenda. Just discovered your channel. I couldn’t agree more with
    everything you said in this video!! Can’t wait to watch more!!

  9. I just noticed you said Deerfield, IL. Are you still in IL?

  10. I so agree the gov. in corrupt when it really comes to health. They allow
    so many ingredients that are banned around the world in our foods. It’s
    just so wrong and sad, are they trying population control? Makes you
    wonder….anything they can do to make things cheaper in cost they’ll do.
    They need to focus more on research and what ingredients really do to the
    human body!

  11. I don’t see any success stories on your lean secrets website. Are there
    many? Can you share some?

  12. sweet.

  13. As long as it’s actual Science not Pseudoscience

  14. check out foodbabe.com youll love her!

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  16. I want to know how you built such a nice butt from nothing. And I know my
    cousin would be DYING to know if she watched this lol. SO awesome.

  17. YOU CAN DO IT!!! You ARE doing it right???

  18. Thanks for sharing your story. And I totally agree with your philosophy.
    You are amazing!

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    more on the real bargain. I got some real deals from this place.

  20. Thanks for sharing your story.

  21. Wow you’re so knowledgable about health! What an inspiration!

  22. Nathaniel Guerreiro

    can you please like my fitness workout video? im new on youtube… thank

  23. Thank you for sharing!

  24. Diabetes and high blood pressure runs in my family, and a lot of dialysis.

  25. You are amazing and a motivation for me.

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