1. Why don’t you guys use the machines at the gym? (:

  2. I have the same Santa Claus lolllll

  3. Poor girl in the pink seemed totally ignored and left out

  4. That is true I work out for my body and health 

  5. Also I absolutely love u and your channel!! I hope I can meet you someday
    because my grandma lives in Illinois and I visit a lot !! Also tell
    Chandler he’s very cute and attractive! Lol

  6. Please do more night routines and morning routines

  7. i really found this videos helpful because I have and insulin problem my
    body producing it its just not taking it so thats means that it’s really
    hard to loose weight and keep it off so this video really helped me thank
    you sooo much Chelsea!!!

  8. Hi everyone! I know you hate these comments, but please check out my beauty
    channel! I just started earlier in the week and my goal is 150 by
    Christmas! I also post almost everyday 🙂 Thank you so much!! xoxo

  9. what camera do you use ?(:

  10. for those who says “this is not a pushup” “your are not doing a phushup”
    well she is beggenir ! nor perfection to say that to her 

  11. their burpies were bad enough but their lunges were a nightmare 

  12. 3:10

  13. This was good motivation! Thanks Chelsea :)

  14. Make a video with ur bro

  15. People stop judging seriously… She is perfectly fit so obviously she is
    doing something right. Don’t hate on her videos, it isn’t your right to
    hate on other peoples videos. 

  16. Special k is not healthy at all! Soooo much sugar D: 

  17. I understand that you guys might be beginners at push ups but doing proper
    modified ones (with your knees on the ground) would be much more

  18. Oh my gosh, soo gonna follow this routine!! X Lol ! Do a house tour next,it
    will be awesome! 

  19. Can I just say,she never said she was a pro? Whatever she does won’t be
    absolutely perfect.
    Now because I’m really really small,I look heavier than I actually am,so
    that means I need to watch my diet and what I’m eating,and this video
    helped to give me an ideas,so thank you so much for putting this up

  20. The girl in the pink does the planks wrong. You’re supposed to keep your
    butt down.

  21. Laughing on the floor “dude y did I eat all that” lol

  22. That’s good that you feel that workout was intense, but most moves were
    done wrong..but it was a good effort.. 

  23. Please follow me on Instagram Chelsea it’s pkephart55

  24. I’m only 5 subbies away from half way to 500 🙂 if any of you would like to
    stop by and check my channel out, see if you enjoy any videos and sub feel
    free to do so n.n and let me know which you tuber should i style steal next
    in the newest video n.n

  25. Kennedy And Madelyn

    Oh my gosh! I live in Edwardsville! That’s where SIUE is!!!!

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