1. SO HAPPY THAT YOU”RE BACK <3 I noticed I kept checking on your channel to
    see if there was anything new past few months 🙁 but now you do!! YEPPPIE,
    plz don't go away.. love you!

  2. Yyyaaayyyyy Brendanah’s bomba’s back ♥♥♥♥♥

  3. I can’t find the tights

  4. Thank you for coming back!! Love your favorites 

  5. Great to see you back I missed your videos. You always give very relevant
    advice! Thank you :)

  6. I love the vs bra. I have black and I want them all.

  7. Just purchased your book 2 days ago 🙂 Glad you’re back!

  8. Glad you’re back!

  9. I did miss your videos. But I was genuinely worried about your well being.
    Glad you’re okay lol. 

  10. Thank God you are back!!! I tried your black bean brownie recipe few days
    ago, not only i am impressed with the taste but my 3 year old twins loved
    it too!!! I would love to see a video of late healthy snacks ideas!

  11. Where in the world were u…I can’t wait yo go to Vic sec….aloe Vera
    seems great too

  12. I missed you! Welcome back!!

  13. love spry.. trident uses xyilitol in there gum also :)

  14. Missed you!! Thank goodness you are back in business with your YT vids:)

  15. Chrisilicious Makeup

    I missed you and am glad you’re back!!!:)

  16. Welcome back! Totally missed you!

  17. Thanks for the info

  18. So glad your back! Do you use a heart rate monitor watch? If so could you
    do a review on it?! Im thinking about getting a polar ft60

  19. Hey Brenda I have 2 questions.Can fruit make you gain weight? Also, what do
    you think about being vegan and eliminating yogurt,meat products, and only
    eating fruits and vegetables? BTW glad your back ! :D

  20. Is the nike epic run sheer? Its such a nightmare to wear something and
    everyone ends up seeing ur goodies 

  21. What about us girls with boobs that don’t fit into Victoria secrets bras?

  22. OMG you remind me so much of my trainer . You two HAVE to be related!!!
    Same voice, both gorgeous 

  23. i love u

  24. btw, you look great!

  25. I miss ya

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