1. anyone heard about flow solution diet, one of my friends lost 20ibs with it

  2. did she say ‘cock’ ..looks ? ??

  3. So like… for me, I tend to eat non stop… like continuously and recently
    i’ve decided to cut back on what I eat and just try to eat healthy and
    control what I consume. But the weird thing is.. after I started eating
    less, i gained weight even after trying for quite a while. It wasn’t like a
    temporary, eat less thing, I actually stuck with it for a few weeks.So I
    decided to go back to eating a lot and I got skinnier. Like…. I gained
    weight…. but I look thinner. Is there something wrong? XD

  4. not if u drink vodka πŸ˜‰ 0 calories.

  5. i’m sorry, nut how tall are you?

  6. @ratedSasha I’m the exact same. It gets so frustrating sometimes, because
    then it seems like they aren’t willing to help.

  7. @mssunnify223 The body will store the fat that is in the food, it does that
    allways. If you however go into starvation mode, the body gets 20% more
    efficient in storing these things. Bad if you want to loose weight, the
    body will now store fat. Secondary, if you starve yourself all kind of
    things will happen in your body and your energy levels will drop. It is
    better to cut the bad sources of energy and eat good wholefood carbs, low
    fat, low protein (80/10/10) and exercise πŸ™‚

  8. breakfast is my fave meal of the day

  9. @GEAJesikaChandra I admire you being open about what as Mszchu indicated
    might be IBS. IBS goes both ways and I have the opposite problem. I’d
    rather it be that i’m constepated, but sometimes I can’t stop going, and it
    doesn’t matter what I eat. Oddly I don’t lose any weight as one would

  10. I also live fountain pop. Just love it! Do you want to go out sometime?

  11. hungergamesfannumber

    another thing about starving yourself is that your hair will fall out… I
    know becauz of my friend, she doesn’t do it anymore but she used to.

  12. haha you say your hair looks bad tied up but I think you are one of the few
    who looks good no matter how you have your hair πŸ˜‰

  13. Even though it’s not your field much it absolutely works out and I’d
    suggest posting more on the subject if you get any additional advice! Not
    many girls reject diets for healthy eating and that’s definitely a right
    way to go. Thanks and keep it up!

  14. After watching your video last night on what you eat, I was really
    motivated to exercise today. I started back on P90X lol πŸ™‚ I really hope
    that I can keep up with it. I did really well last year until I got the flu
    and couldn’t keep up with it. I really like your videos a lot. I subbed πŸ™‚

  15. i like it when your hair is up πŸ™‚

  16. Usually they recommend at least 30 mins of physical exercise a day, which
    2km isn’t. However if you’re just trying to be more active its enough. But
    there is such a thing as TOO much water, you can deprive your body of
    minerals and vitamins from too much water intake. Increased water intake
    does help people not eat as much or overeat but it won’t be the source of
    HUGE amounts of weightloss (or even any weightloss if you’re already
    drinking a lot)

  17. That was my friend, she doesn’t hav a YouTube account so she used mine

  18. the dukan diet works

  19. That was very informing! Totally love your diet videos<3! Thank you so
    much:)! I feel like you've answered all of my questions. And i realized
    that a lot of the things I was doing was wrong. I did lose like 12ish
    pounds in a month during summer break, but I realized that I wasn't doing
    it the healthy way. This video was a big help for me!

  20. i love cheese is snacking cheese okay?

  21. HundredPerfectWorlds

    How do you know ganing 3 or 4 pounds a night you do not slepp when not
    weighting yourself? πŸ™‚ I canΒ΄t tell/feel 3 pounds…

  22. Still exercise and eat healthy. Just eat a little more and intake more
    fiber and protein. Dont over do the exercise. Do something that wont make
    you lose weight like crazy. Still be active. Do something that works best
    for you. Like yoga, riding your bike etc. For your tummy. Just do abs
    exercise. Like crunches.

  23. Honestly this video really did help me. I’m not big, or even close to over
    weight, but I still feel very self-conscious about my body. I’m only 16 so
    I guess that’s to be expected. But I’ve been drinking a lot of water and
    working out with my friends, and I can tell that I’ve lost weight and I
    feel better. Whenever I need a bit of inspiration I just come back and
    watch this video. I think what makes it so great is that there’s no
    editing, it’s just you and camera, keeping it real. Thanks <3

  24. okay so im already kinda skinny but i want to tone my stomac any tips?

  25. Well when you say a bag, what kind of bag? A small one or those biggish
    ones? But I’m sure that’s ok, as long as it’s not a lot and you’re cutting
    down πŸ˜€

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