1. My 40lb weight loss on a Raw Food Diet! Before & After video/photos

  2. I thought I’d subscribed to durianriders channel ?.

  3. Nadia FTW!

  4. Thumbs up!

  5. Can you guys make sure to tell us once this babe gets her channel up?

  6. How old is she? 40?

  7. She’s totally cool!!!! More Nadia!!!!

  8. What a gorgeous woman. I want to be a subscriber Ms. Nadia. Best of luck
    from USA

  9. Started off like a slim fast commercial.Go vegan, go exercise as not to
    lose muscle as weight and be happy!

  10. looking forward to your channel!!

  11. well done, Nadia! :)

  12. the proof is in the banana smoothie.

  13. Durian, you just can’t stay out of the limelight. You had to keep popping
    in and out of the ladies vid.

  14. nadia is such a cute little mango muncher :P. hughughughug.

  15. More Nadia, great story

  16. i would totally subscribe to her channel :)

  17. awesome !!

  18. Holy crap!! That’s amazing!!

  19. I like the size 12 gal much better than the anorexic looking one. More
    sexy!! The other one is too skinny. Needs to eat a burger and fries or

  20. Durian Rider 1:02 !!!!!

  21. Good job beautiful lady, I would love your channel!

  22. Nadia you are really amazing great looking girl what an inspiration I’m
    showing this to all my female friends ASAP you should definitely do a
    youtube channel you would be great at it, very photogenic and camera
    friendly like Freelee, very easy to understand and engaging to watch. Hope
    you do it and good luck to you if you do, I for one would certainly promote
    your videos to my friends on FB etc.

  23. but she can’t sustain it

  24. How about posting a weekly food diary and sharing it so we can eat the same
    food. What I eat Wednesdays are great but what do I eat the rest of the
    week? Thanks :)

  25. omg…what’s happening with your belly button…?

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