1. WHAT ARE YOUR RESOLUTIONS? Tell me in a comment below and don’t forget to
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  2. I’m gonna keep doing what I did in 2013; I lost over 40 pounds.

  3. 20 pullups with straight arms :D

  4. Complete 30-15 for the prescribed reps. Perform a back flip. Perform pistol

  5. Commit to being fit, 30 days at a time using X3 as the catalyst to making
    it happen. 

  6. My year to spend more quality time with my children, be able to do
    handstands/back walk overs, have a ripped stomach, and travel to places on
    my list!

  7. To find balance and happiness!…Once found then the challenge is to stay
    in balance and remain in happiness!

  8. Compete in my first bikini comp, move out of state, get going on my nasm pt
    cert. (: 

  9. I’m going to start and finish P90X3;
    I’m going to ‘see’ for the first time in my life my six packs;
    I’m going to reach 7 ~ 10 pull ups by the end of 2014;
    I’m going to net at least 10K$ on a monthly basis.

  10. I received P90X3 for Christmas this year. My resolution for 2014 is to lose
    50 pounds of fat while building lean muscle mass. After that I’ll be close
    to where I want to be on the scale. Thank you for a great 2013 Tony and I
    look forward to your help in 2014. Happy New Year!

  11. Tony
    From my heart ..
    Thank you for changing my life.
    Really .. Thanks ..especially for your motivation
    God bless you
    You are a great man
    Merry Christmas and happy new year

  12. to finish P90X3 without passing out,the warrior just about killed me,after
    doing bodybeast,my cardio has taken a dive.

  13. To understand my “bigger picture” and to complete p90x3 like a champ!

  14. You are the man 

  15. Completely finish a workout program, do tough mudder in less than 5 hours,
    and im a oittle more humble but… Do 10 pull ups cleanly!

  16. To finish P90X and start P90X3 late January

  17. To keep going forward I lost seventy pounds in 2013, currently I weigh 226
    and I’d like to weigh 200 or less. Also to get 5 pull ups and lower my body

  18. At 48 I am practicing the hand stand. What I am doing now is with wall
    support. To get used to standing on my hands. I am hopeful that soon I
    won’t need the wall anymore. Yikes!! I am discipline, workout 5 to 6 days
    per week Tony Horton style!!

  19. P90x3
    75 continuous pushups
    30 pullups
    9% BF

  20. Complete my next round of p90 with p90x3 and reach my overall goal! I’ve
    lost 102 pounds with p90x and can not wait to tackle X3! Your workouts and
    jokes are the highlight of my days. Thank you for giving me the tools to
    change my life! Can’t wait to hear your material in X3.

  21. Tony is hilarious!! Lol
    #1. Eat clean
    #2. Lose 30lbs by my birthday.
    #3. Get a newer car. 

  22. 1) To recover from my shoulder impingement (OW!)
    2) To stay at my size BUT get stronger and more fit. Ilike my size 6-8 self
    BUT I wish to more flexible and stronger!
    3) Eating clean and vegan 5 days a week!

  23. For 2014
    I will eat clean
    get under 12% body fat
    crane to handstand

  24. 1. No Fast Food in 2014
    2. Drop to the 8-10% Body fat range.
    3. Implement regular fitness time for my entire family.

  25. be able to do a pistol squat
    20 pull ups
    eliminate grains and milk from my diet 

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