Muscle Finesse Announce Sale on Popular USN Products

Peterborough (PRWEB UK) 24 December 2013

If you are interested in the world of fitness, you have probably heard of USN. As a leading company specialising in bodybuilding supplements and quality sports nutrition, USN boast a broad range of products and have become one of the most respected and popular diet supplement brands on the market.

As a stockist of a vast range of bodybuilding supplements, gym equipments, clothing and more since 2002, Muscle Finesse has been committed to providing fitness enthusiasts with all manner of products to assist their bodybuilding routines, with USN products being just one of the many brands the company have in stock.

Now, located within the ‘offers’ category of their ecommerce site, Muscle Finesse are offering discounts on selected USN products at more than reasonable prices.

One such offer is on USN’s Diet Fuel Ultralean; available in 1kg and 2kg bottles, the Diet Fuel Ultralean is a low-fat, tasty and easy to digest meal replacement formula. Suitable to be consumed throughout the day, the Diet Fuel Ultralean contains protein substrates designed to reduce cravings while assisting a reduction in body fat. It also helps to maintain lean muscle tissues. The 1kg bottle of USN Diet Fuel Ultralean is now available for

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