1. Awesome routine man! 

  2. Those are not dips, it is a half of rep.

  3. very veryyyyyyyy hard man

  4. will definitely try this in 2014 :)

  5. Corey is the man that shit is fucking hard

  6. The speech at the end . Thanks man not just working out wise but personal
    problems and I admire what you do !! 

  7. 😮 , corey you ain’t in your best form 🙁 , i hope you’ll be ok

  8. great stuff man glad to see you out the chair for a change.

  9. Crazy and totally impressive :D

  10. nice shit man. just wondering how long have you been doing this whole
    fitness thing?

  11. without hating or something (he does really good) what are you doing for
    legs or endurance?

  12. what a savage! nice work bro

  13. Wazzap man…how are u corey? are u good now?

  14. Is high intensity good if you wanna put on alot of mass?

  15. could you get bigger by doing this? 

  16. corey are u done trying for the guiness world records for most muscle ups?

  17. any nutritional videos available?

  18. yeahh man, #nopainnogain. :)

  19. What happend to the world record in muscle ups, did you get it Corey?

  20. Good video, glad to see that you are getting past your injury. It takes a
    lot of patience… I know from experience! I completely broke my clavicle
    into two pieces last autumn and wasn’t able to fully exercise again until
    late spring… But like you said, everything happens for a reason. After my
    injury, I couldn’t tie my shoes or put on a button down shirt—let alone do
    a push up. But now I am able to walk on my hands and do full dips again.
    You just have to give your body time to heal, and treat it right on the
    road to recovery, especially as you get older.

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