1. Who was doing the 5/10/5 at 2:17? Super quick

  2. I love how they encourage each other!! Just seeing that makes me want to
    encourage and support my teammates more

  3. Guy I used to speedskate with had the highest American score in VO2 testing
    for the ’94 Winter Olympic athletes. He was close to 90. Wonder where
    these guys are at?

  4. I wish this video could have been ten minutes long, it’s really interesting
    stuff. Really excited to see how they can perform at the WC.

  5. Any know the exact instruction for the VO2 test? How long, what speed,

  6. 3:25 SLAP ASS !

  7. Masa has an awesome job

  8. You guys should have posted videos for each of the players VO2…I did not
    get a good look as what the big deal is.

  9. I’m glad everybody made it to Brazil. Please make some videos of the camps
    in Brazil! please please… thanks

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