Mineral Makeup Application Techniques

by Bonnie Jones
(Chicago, USA)

Women are now exploring the benefits of mineral makeup. Since 1970, when mineral cosmetics were first released in the market, women worldwide are slowly discovering its good effects on the skin.

Like any other makeup, it is no good when it is not applied appropriately and correctly.

Since mineral makeup is different from conventional makeup, this would require a different application technique. When using mineral cosmetics, make sure to start with only a small amount.

You can just add more makeup if you feel that it is not enough. Sometimes, we tend to put too much completely unaware that when something goes wrong we would have to take everything off.

Here are some mineral makeup application techniques that you could easily apply.

For foundations:

• The good thing about mineral based foundation is that they are different from traditional foundation that tends to “suffocate” your skin specially on hot, summer day. During this type of weather condition, this kind of foundation can be refreshing.

• You start with a kabuki brush to make sure that the skin is covered fully and evenly with foundation. Once you have made sure that the foundation is even, you can apply mineral veil which would define features and enhance your face.

• When using wet foundation, you can still use your kabuki brush. When applying wet foundation, first twirl you kabuki to make contact with the foundation. Then spray some moisture to the brush to make it wet. You can start applying the foundation to the skin.

• Mineral foundations are also great concealers. They can make small imperfections go away. Bronzers and blushes are applied in the same way as foundations.

• If you want heavy foundation, try using sponges. A damp sponge can give your face a heavier and more intense look.

While for eye shadows and eyeliners:

• When applying eye shadows, a wet thin eye lining brush would do the trick. Actually, a lip brush is also an option.

• To get the best results, you can use three different colors on your lid. You just have to make sure that the colors you choose are complementary with each other.

When using blush, make sure to shake off the excess. You can use a soft and fluffy brush to highlight your cheekbones. The amount that you need to apply on the cheeks depend on the look you would like to achieve. For fresher and lighter look, then apply less.

Actually, there are basic application instruction which can be used. It the twirl, tap and brush. So the first step is twirling the brush to gather enough makeup. Then tapping off the excess. There should be no makeup showing outside the brush. If there is, then that would be an excess.

When brushing it to your skin, you do not simply brush it. Brush it in a circular movement, from the outside of the face towards the cheekbones. The remaining powder on the brush can be used on the cheeks, forehead and nose. You do not have to apply a lot, start will less and see if additional layers are needed.

Actually, to get a different look every time you use your mineral makeup, you just need to change how you apply the makeup. There are eye shadows which can also be used in other parts of the face like the lips.

While, there can blushes which can be used as eye shadows. You can check the manufacturer instructions if those kind of mixing is possible.

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Updated: October 29, 2012 — 3:15 pm

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