Mind Games To Help You Stay Sharp & Avoid Alzheimer’s

by Fred Roundstone
(Angmering, West Sussex, UK)

Are you starting to forget words, or what you were about to say, in mid-sentence? Do you worry that your memory is not good anymore, or that your brain just doesn’t seem as sharp as it used to be?

At one point in your life, your mind was a steel trap. Now as you age a bit more it’s probably starting to resemble a strainer – or leaking like a sieve!

If you have concerns about your mental health and worry about early Alzheimer affecting you, then you need to take action. One place to start is right here, as we will look at some positive steps you can take to keep your mind sharp and agile for all of your lifetime health.

Life keeps pouring in, but you retain less and less of it. But don’t be afraid; all you need to do is stop taking your grey matter for granted.

You can actually add 10 or more years to your brain’s useful life just by paying some attention to it. If that doesn’t sound like an amazing return of investment, you may have probably already lost half your mind.

Just as exercise builds endurance, bolstering your neurological connections creates a reservoir of stamina that you can tap later on in life.

Vigorous workouts can boost your brain’s error radar because people who were fit are significantly better at finding mistakes. Fitter people can absorb more oxygen into the blood, and this improves the functioning of the brain significantly.

Choose a cardio workout that alternates between sprints and relaxed paces. Repeat this for at least six cycles add two additional sessions into your usual routine.

Moreover, food affects your brain like a drug. The right nutrients will fire up neurotransmitters, strengthen communication between brain cells, and stimulate the production of protective proteins.

But a diet heavy in calories from sugar and saturated fat not only slows down overall brain functioning, but it also makes your mind more vulnerable to free radicals that can eventually damage tissues and lead to disease.

Change your habits right now and bring an end to this deadly slide. Your brain consists of fatty acids that helps nerve cells communicate with one another.

Sadly, these fats decline as the years stack up. If you want to keep your wits about as you get older, start consuming foods high in omega 3 right now.

If, however, you can’t stomach frequent heaping of salmon and tuna, there are always supplements you can buy. It’s available in most health shops and specialty stores. As you eat, don’t hesitate to be generous on herbs and spices.

Many of these have medicinal properties, and they can also make your food taste so much better.

People have also proven that those who drank several ounces of fruit and vegetable juice each week were less likely to develop brain-debilitating diseases. The high levels of antioxidants found in these treats may protect your mind from eventual damage.

Enjoy them now and take them in between meals, because not only do they stave off hunger, they equip you with the necessary weapons to stay alert even as you get older.

Moreover, don’t feel guilty about taking a break every so often. Set aside some time for your best buds because social interaction seems to sharpen your memory and other brain functions because you have to process the influx of information being passed around and gauge the response of every person.

Get enough sleep as well. You need to somehow stay far from stimulus that increases your stress levels. Even for just a few minutes, you’ll soon find that the breather recharges your neurons and leave you feeling fresh and invigorated once again.

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Updated: January 21, 2014 — 12:53 am

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