1. These are still high in sugar as fruit naturally has a lot of sugar in it,
    which is why fruits are sweeter than vegetables

  2. yeah, MsFloopdedoop is right, and I also heard that if you keep re-using
    the same plastic bottles, the plasticizers in the bottle can leak through,
    into the water, that you drink. there have been loads of studies that say
    that this can cause cancer, because it damages the cells inside your body.

  3. I recommend people watch the movie “Food Inc.”. It helps you understand
    what goes behind the food industry.

  4. Plz Mimi do a healthy cooking video… Thank U so much for sharing your
    thoughts and tips for a better healthier life.. 🙂 Keep going inspire us…

  5. you can still drink tea, you just must make sure for every cup of tea you
    drink you drink a cup of water..tea has so much good stuff for you

  6. is flour bleached?? intresting, and I would wanna know!O.o thaank you:)

  7. Im so glad youre looking to go vegan! You feel great(: dont give up on it!

  8. If you want to burn off fat quickly, you should search google for “Lean
    Body Maximizer”. They will help you get the body you deserve.

  9. It’s stored in plastic for a long time , and some of the bad things from
    the plastics desolves in the water , and you drink it . You technically
    drink plastic

  10. Mimi I am a vegetarian too, and have always been. I eat a lot of lentils,
    there are several ways to get the iron and protein. tons of lentils out

  11. Nathaliee Marqueez

    Mimi, I would really love and appreciate if you could do a video on
    different healthy foods:) also if you can do a video on how to remove,
    prevent stretch marks:/

  12. Do you change something since then?

  13. Would love an updated version of this 🙂

  14. Thanks for the video! Completely agree with all your adivce. I wanted to
    recommend not drinking tap water too, because it contains fluoride that
    Brita filters do not remove. Fluoride is highly unstable and
    neurodegenerative. I drink distilled water instead, stored in glass
    containers, which you can remineralize with Himalayan stone ground salt to
    get all the trace minerals your body needs.

  15. I remember in one of your videos you sayed that you wanted bigger breast
    and for a fact chicken and meat make your breasts bigger

  16. Hi Mimi so I’m new to YouTube and I saw ur video , and I was pretty much
    born in the vegetarian life alway fruits veggies and my mom alway and until
    this day gives me this shake of a bunch of greens veggies and fruits. Its
    called juiceing! May be u can search more about it if ur interested eating
    healthy is the best thing you can do for ur body 🙂

  17. I’ve been looking for the video, but which “new video” are you talking

  18. I agree with you. Thank you.

  19. theres endless websites where girls online sharing videos that are way
    better than youtube, i understand you all too lazy so ill tell you where i
    go go have a look at GIRLCM.COM Just one question Bob. Which side of the
    Potomac did you say the greapes were grown on?

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  21. I’m 18 &’ pretty healthy, but this has really helped me. Thank you so much
    🙂 x

  22. i agree with you Luxy. i take eating healthy very important but when it
    comes to sharing this information for my fiance or my loved ones, they just
    done take this serious enough. but i thought i was the only one who knew
    that drinking juice is not the healthiest. thank you Luxy. Truly inspired.

  23. is it just me, or does it seem like spam is showing up a lot more in
    youtube comments recently?

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