Metabolism And Body Weight

What is metabolism and how does it affect your weight?

Metabolism is a process in which one chemical is changed into another chemical. It is the process in which the food you eat is transformed into energy. The speed with which metabolism occurs in your body determines how much food you will require.

Many experts discount metabolism as a cause of weight gain. But they all agree that there is a correlation between your metabolism rate and your food intake requirements. If your metabolism determines the rate of burning calories in your body, isn’t it a contradiction that many do not relate metabolism rates to weight gain/loss?

My take is that your metabolism rate affects your weight. It is true that there are lean people with a slow metabolic rate. But it is my contention that their diets are mostly composed of low calorie foods. If your metabolic rate is low and you continue eating high calorie foods, your weight will definitely increase. Our metabolism rates determine the amount of food we consume. That is why a large animal eats more food than a small animal. The larger the body mass the more energy is required by the body and the process of metabolism demands that the larger animal eats more.

Your daily activities will off course play a big role in determining how much energy you require and ultimately the amount of food you should eat to meet that requirement. That is why I always insist that to lose body weight you must check on the types of foods and volumes you consume while at the same time increasing your physical activities.To do so effectively, you must be conscious of your body size and age.

An old person usually has lower exertions compared to a younger person. Their energy requirements can not be the same. That is why many people increase weight as they grow older since they continue feeding on the same rations they did while they were younger despite having reduced their physical activities. A person with a large body will require more energy to do even basic body functions like breathing or repairing broken body cells.

Many health experts’ advice people to eat less to achieve lean bodies. In doing so they forget that metabolism regulates itself by slowing down the body processes. You might eat less but in the long run gain more weight. It is for this reason that I believe the best way of controlling weight is by eating the correct foods and carrying out body workouts which help burn any extra calories that your body does not require. Workouts not only increase your metabolism but also increase your muscles. The higher your muscle mass the more calories are burned by the body.

People always look for the easy way out. Quick methods to lose weight always fail. If you want to lose weight it must be a long term goal. Set up proper eating habits and stick to them. Make a workout plan and stick to it.

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