1. Mr. Merkley you have NOT earned our trust. I speak as an Oregonian that is
    not interested in becoming a socialist. You speak Against Big Business when
    in the past you yourself have pushed Big Government on the people. You
    speak against CEO’s when you yourself have helped implement invasive
    regulations on the people.

  2. Thank you, Senator Merkley, for recognizing the separation of church and

  3. Thank you for being the voice of reason, Mr. Merkley.

  4. I’m glad we women aren’t fighting this war alone.

  5. I never have to call my state senators about bills that come up because
    they’re so awesome and share my views! You guys really represent me and my
    sentiments. Thank you, Jeff Merkley!!

  6. Thank you Mr. Merkley, Birth control is long gone for me too,but I agree we
    should have a choice. I bet we would if men had to carry a child!!! Thank
    you Senator for always looking out and caring.

  7. way to REPRESENT me, Senator!!<3<3 thank you

  8. Great speech but I wish people would get that birth control pills are used
    for a variety of health conditions.

  9. Thank you, Senator Merkley. Keep fighting.

  10. Thank you, Mr. Merkley. I’ve been feeling so powerless with all these men
    in power trying to strip away women’s reproductive rights and healthcare,
    it means so, SO much to know my senator is representing me.

  11. This guy should run for president

  12. someone give that man a medal !!

  13. That is so right on… You said it so well. Thanks for being their for
    women, and so many other important issues as well. Now let’s work on
    getting a Medicare for All type of health care system for this
    country–free from corporate intrusion. It is time…

  14. We are so fortunate in Oregon to have Jeff Merkley for our senator. This
    speech is an excellent example of his ability to represent us.

  15. Thank you for your defense of the right of women to impartially have access
    to birth control. As an Oregonian, I find it difficult to believe that any
    person voters have sent to congress could be so selfish and ignorant as to
    propose this amendment to any bill.

  16. Thank you, Senator Merkley!! You are the best!!!!!

  17. Eloquently said! Republicans want to institute Big Brother in place of what
    they label “Big Government.” Big Government can keep us safe from work and
    provide us with equal rights which they are opposed to unless it fits their
    personal ideology. The founding fathers wanted to escape from imposed
    religion which is what the Republicans continue to try to shove down our
    throats. Thank goodness for legislators like Jeff Merkley! Remember to
    support him for reelection when it comes up.

  18. THANK YOU. THIS ‘issue’ blatantly illustrates how truly Absurd this
    republican agenda really is! Give new meaning to the worn anachronistic. Is
    unfortunate that the actual ELEPHANT-in-the-room ie. 7 BILLION
    humans….does not get a single mention let alone let alone central focus.
    Thank you so much for supporting SANITY.

  19. Incredible philosophy is right. Sen Merkley is doing what he was sent to do
    – represent the people – the men women and children of Oregon.

  20. Bravo for a stand up Senator!

  21. Well Said Mr Merkley! Thank you for your clarity and honesty!

  22. I fully concurr.

  23. As an Oregonian, I am proud that he is representing my state.

  24. Just another Democratic spin to divert attention away from facts! He’s
    worried about womens healthcare? Give me a break! He’s worried about womens
    votes! 13 million people are still unemployed 3.5 million are working part
    time jobs or jobs that pay less. This subject shouldn’t even be discussed,
    because it really doesn’t solve our core problems. Anyone can get free
    condoms at a public health clinic or pay $10 at Walmart for the pill! This
    man is wasting tax payer money on nothing!

  25. Thank you

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