1. New video using the new @MensFitnessMag app to create you an awesome

  2. What lb weights do you recommend i get (im a girl) but id like to be able
    to lift heavy

  3. Like these workouts, we usually do these in our training, if you want to
    add difficulty open arms crunches then you can hold a weight with your arms
    straight and try to keep your arms at the same angle so you dont use your
    arms’ momentum

  4. one…two.. free.. well done. lol

  5. Then there’s me eating a lovely bar of chocolate!

  6. You guys are great but wash your hands after the selftan ok?! 😉 

  7. Hi Boys! what do you think of stevia? I find it quite hard to cut down on
    sugar, so this might be a good alternative!? thx.

  8. I am going to master the last routine. 

  9. I’m not a man but I’ll definitely be doing this later!

  10. Fine specimen…

  11. Love all your videos, just did this workout in my room! Nothing like
    watching handsome men working out to brighten this girls valentine’s day 

  12. Hi guys please talk about jump rope exercise. Does it help in getting

  13. New tattoo see, love your videos can’t wait to try the push-ups and lifting
    the weights, love romain dead lifts too

  14. I am literally the only person in my p.e class that can not do at least 20
    push ups I can do the most sit ups but not push ups I can barley do 4.*.
    Thats embarrassing *

  15. Nice bodies

  16. kakashianbuespecial

    2:59 i like it. I am gonna try

  17. Like short reps, easy workouts before my cycling thx

  18. Can women do all these too? it wont make us have big muscles if we reduce
    dumbell’s weight, will it?

  19. Hi guys I have been a subscriber for quite a while. I wanted to no some
    exercises for pregnant women. I don’t do much but my midwife advised I
    should do light stuff to strengthen so that helps with delivery etc as
    those muscles need to be strong. Any ideas xx

  20. Hi fellas. Finding I get quite a bit of trapped wind during workout
    (burping a lot) I always leave it 2 hours after a big meal before work out
    so was wondering if you could identify why it might be that I have this
    burping spout? 

  21. You are killing me with those bods

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    exercise database with detailed workout instructions, notes and highly
    advanced curated videos from youtube. Just click the name of exercise you
    want to learn about.

  23. Great video lads, keep your followers on their toes and in shape

  24. Love your videos, I try and Stay fit at the gym but really wanna do more
    home workouts, do you know any gd places to get weights cheap, hexagonal
    ones seem more expensive but a better option what do you think?
    Cheers guys keep the vids coming

  25. Zeyad kamal Algamdi

    You have to put a background music

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