1. Love all ur vids..thank u (a silent n quiet watcher..lol)

  2. Yay for this series Marlena and the practical way you are going about it!!

  3. Do blogilates exercise videos! And write down everything you pug in your
    mouth. It really helped me recognise unhealthy patterns 🙂 

  4. I do aquatic workouts there amazing u should
    Def look into that and u loose it faster then regular workouts 

  5. Without having high fiber whole wheat bread and high fiber pasta, how do
    you get plenty of fiber?

  6. You are such a good person for doing this. I truly mean that!

  7. I love your weekly weight-loss vid! That’s Super motivational and excellent
    (gradual) tips! Keep the vids coming! Lots of loves! 

  8. I just love you Marlena, you are such an amazing woman, I am wanting to
    lose around 30-40 lbs and am looking into a TT myself, thank you for the
    easy tips to get started, you are right it is easier to stick with it doing
    it slowly. On a side note I ordered my second shipment of makeup geek last
    night, i LOVE your products!! :D

  9. If anyone is looking for something that isn’t as stressful on the body, I
    highly recommend going to your local pool and sign up for aquafit classes!
    they’re so great and tonnnns of fun!!

  10. Thanks for doing this series. XO

  11. I love these videos. I am still on week 1, I am going VERY slow because I
    know that’s what I personally need to do. I have tried losing weight before
    and it only lasted a couple of weeks, I stopped when i stopped seeing the
    scale going down.. SO, I have cut out ALL soda, I have been drinking only
    water and when I feel like I HAVE to have something flavorful to drink, I
    grab a small glass of apple juice.. Doing this for about a month now and
    have already noticed a difference. I am going to continue doing this until
    I feel ready to move on. But these videos really are SO helpful!!

  12. Thanks so much for these videos Marlena, I lnow what it is to be frustrated
    with my diet and I have already lost 3 kilos from the begining of this
    series!! Keep it healthy, but you are always beautiful, because you are
    helping so many people with your spirits and this channel!!
    Lots of love from Spain!!!

  13. Please tell me how you got your arms in shape. I’ve lost 100 lbs myself and
    my arms look awful. Thank you!

  14. hi, Marlena, I really appreciate what you’re doing here! I’ve lost 10
    kilograms in 6 months (from june to january). I need to loose 2 or 4 kg
    more (sorry but I have no idea to convert into your measurment system… .
    (the last kgs are the toughest!!). a big kiss from Italy

  15. I just love you! You are one of the sweetest most genuine you tubers

  16. I lost 20 pounds in three weeks. I don’t really know why it’s coming off so
    fast but it is and I’m happy about that!

  17. Ladies, here’s my tip.. try not to weigh yourself too often. Do it once at
    the beginning of your diet/exercise so you can set your goal. But if u
    weigh yourself everyday or even every week.. you’re gonna get discouraged
    because the weight isn’t coming off as fast as u want it to. I just focus
    more on the way my clothes fit. When my favorite jeans start to get loose
    around my waist.. I know whatever I’m doing is working! Weigh in no more
    than once every 2 weeks & do it in the morning before breakfast! Good luck

  18. I am loving these videos. I haven’t really noticed any weight loss yet BUT
    I have stopped gaining and that is a start!! Thanks so much Marlena!

  19. I started a HABIT class today which is a high intensity circuit class and I
    have about 40-50lbs to lose
    I HATED it but I feel absolutely amazing now
    I’m going again on Thursday
    I love the high you get after exercising
    I’ll stick with you Marlena
    You look great x

  20. Loving this series…..great tip today!! :O)

  21. I was doing well until I decided to revert back to week 2 >.< Ah well

  22. I’m totally in love with Marlena’s soul and her gorgeous face, but I
    sincerely would love to see her do a video w/o any makeup on and her hair
    up, showing her working out. I’d feel so much better about my own

  23. Great tip! This is where I was going wrong! definitely going to try this
    and see if I can keep it up for longer :)

  24. We’ve substituted corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas, still not the
    healthiest things but they are a great substitute, especially you can use
    them as a base for pizza! 

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