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Andropause potentially affects up to 50% of ALL adult males between the ages of 40-55 years of age. You are continually having a bad nights sleep. You’re tired and it’s making it hard for you to concentrate. Due to your concentration lapses you become easily irritated. You start to blame all of this on your lack of libido. If you believe the adverts they all say it is Erectile Dysfunction but that is not completely correct. The problem is more likely male menopause or Andropause to give it it’s correct title.

Male menopause directly stems from diminishing testosterone levels within the male body is it reaches mid-life which starts an upset within the hormone levels which starts off all the symptoms listed above. If you are facing this new challenge in your life Click Here! for help.

Andropause is only a recent discovery, as “the menopause” traditionally being only experienced by midlife females. Never fear though there are lofs of new studies being carried out regularly and it is good that at least being spotted that male menopause does actually exist.


Menopausal Women And Stroke – Women And Stroke
During the menopause years, women typically see themselves at risk for cancer, but not for stroke. But although men have more strokes, women are more likely to die of a stroke than men. Learn the risks, symptoms and warning signs as well as the unique female signs of stroke. Page 2.

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Testosterone (and The 'andropause') – Sexual Advice …
Testosterone is the male hormone which is responsible for a man’s and (partially ) • The male menopause or the andropause – not a good name as it’s not a ‘pause’ of anything. the symptoms listed above, who are suffering quite severely

Night Sweats – Are Night Sweats A Symptom Of Cancer
However, without being accompanied by other symptoms typical of lymphoma, your doctor may not immediately suspect the disease in his evaluation. In fact, the number one cause of night sweats is menopause or medications that induce menopause.

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Men’s Health Male menopause?
Men’s health –Male menopause? We all know that women go through a change of life, called menopause, but what about men? Does a male menopause, or

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Symptoms Of Male Menopause – Yahoo Voices – Voices.yahoo.com
If you are a male over the age of 40 and you have been feeling off balance – not like your normal self, you could be experiencing symptoms of male menopause.

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Hot Flashes In Cold Waters? Killer Whales Undergo Menopause
A new study shows that killer whales undergo menopause, an evolutionary advantage that helps their offspring survive.        

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Birth Control Male menopause
Male menopause It was discovered that males are suffering from the menopause as well as women do. They even share the same symptoms. Men can experience it even at the age of 30; however, usually it appears when he is between 45 and 60

Midlife Crisis – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
People going through this suffer a variety of symptoms and exhibit a disparate range of behaviors. with male midlife crises more likely to be caused by work issues and female crises by personal evaluations of their roles. menopause, children leaving home,

How Long Does Menopause Last? – About.com Menopause
Menopause is unique for each woman and begins and ends on its own schedule. But once the symptoms start, women want to know, "How long will this go on?"

Photos of Male Menopause Symptoms

Definition Continued… This is not the same as the mid-life crisis Other terms: Male Menopause Male Climacteric Androclise Androgen Decline in the Ageing An Old Concept 16TH century Chinese text of Medicine provided a series of symptoms believed to be the male equivalent of menopause

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Benevere Sees Uptick In Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy
Benevere Pharmacy in Collierville says it is seeing an uptick in patients who are benefiting from bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, with many

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Andropause/Male Menopause – Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment …
Complete information about Andropause/Male Menopause, including signs and symptoms; conditions that suggest it; contributing risk factors; recommendations.

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Male Menopause – Sexual Health – Health.com
The symptoms of male menopause and what can be done for treatment.

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