1. Awsome worked great!!!

  2. AWESOMEE <33

  3. Minnie Mouse Stewart

    How soon did it work for you? I need to get into shape for my birthday.

  4. mine definitely wasnt big and fat. but my friend who was overweight started
    doing these ab exercises after she started cutting back on the junk food
    and exercising healthily and has lost over 40 pounds. so, it can work :]

  5. I’d recommend it or your muscles will get stiff and start to cramp and if
    your body wont grow properly based on how much you exercise. For example:
    If you do upper body weight lifting and you don’t stretch before and maybe
    after your arms are going to kill like crazy lol

  6. MasterOfHisOwnDomain

    Fantastic, I’ve been looking for a way to increase my workout. Love the
    tips too, didn’t realise the mornings were the best time.

  7. thanks for sharing that it works boosts me to do it more 🙂 no pain no gain
    right. and you do this exercise everyday? do you do it like once a day?

  8. i do it once in the morning and once at night and ive been doing it for
    three weeks and NOTHING. RIPPED OFF!

  9. are you sure this loses tummy fat? cos i read somewhere that crunches dont
    do anything to lose fat unless you do lots of cardio and diet. just asking!

  10. This is definitely the best set of ab exercises for females I’ve seen 🙂

  11. @jenevajones991 i had to do exercises similar to these in summer school PE.
    my pack was starting to form in about 2weeks

  12. she’s so hot i can’t pay attention!

  13. I wouldn’t tell people to touch their elbow with their leg, that’s how
    people end up doing it wrong. You should just try to cross your arms around
    the body. Not worrying about your leg.

  14. xLightxofxanxangelx

    @jenevajones991 thats just the thing though. there really is no easy road
    to weight loss. but there is on efat burning method out there thatll work
    just for you’; so keep looking ^^ personally; i really want to try this.

  15. @TheMiso4ever u lost 5 abs…..

  16. Great exercises but they can be difficult or even impossible for someone
    with back/neck pain. If any of your viewers are looking to work the abs but
    have difficulty because of back/neck issues, we encourage them to try our
    machine at theabstand*net

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