Make It Wearable | Episode 2: Human Health

Wearables will impact future medical technology, affecting our health and fitness decisions and redefining the doctor-patient relationship. In Episode 2, we …


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Updated: February 15, 2014 — 2:46 pm


  1. I don’t know if I like the look/sound of this or not.
    The examples given were really good ones, but the way the people who didn’t
    give examples talk about it just makes it seem like it’s more technology to
    intrude into peoples lives.

  2. Ronin Public Relations

    Wearable; the future of health Make It Wearable | Episode 2: Human Health

  3. only mentally ill people will ”wear” this

  4. This is only worrying, not exciting at all. If someone would offer me this
    now, I would refuse it.

  5. Sick! I don’t want it in me.

  6. That NFL asking what are you gonna do about it…. Uh idk, not smash my
    head against stuff…. LOL. This is a great innovation but there’s still no
    reason for using it. This is bullshit.

  7. Do these products come with a free

    “Data mining; I contribute willingly” – sticker that I can put on my car?

  8. new world order is approaching…

  9. So now you know all of my computer and my phone, you want my body ?! FREAKS

  10. This football guy hit his head a bit too often when he can’t tell a bad hit
    on a head from one you can ignore.

  11. Intel……..? LOL

  12. Make it.Intel?? LOL
    More like Mark us. Intel

  13. Krzysztof Szarkowski

    Progress,data,money,life,data,tech,spent ,eat live …DIE…future

  14. What the hell?? i thought that a lot of people was excited about this, like
    me.. and theres a lot of hate comments, why guys? this is not a mark, this
    is not something bad, is something to help us, is technology, something
    cool, okay maybe you don’t want it, but theres people who likes to see and
    measure everything they do, this is cool, i like this, i don’t know why
    these people think it’s crazy or bad…you just need to open your mind, and
    start an active life.. the only problem could be the prices. 

  15. I don’t mind wearing this. Specially if its helping me. I know a lot of
    people are saying its the Antichrist and all that shit. Well if its true
    let it happen Cuz guess what they’re not stopping. Haha I’m actually happy
    that everything is changing. Its time for a new beginning its time for a
    new age. With this new tech our lives will be better but I guess some of
    you are right if your gonna use this new tech than be careful! 

  16. Next thing you know you wont be able to buy or sell without this.

  17. this in the wrong corporations hands will be terrorising. your privacy is
    seriously invaded. I will not support this. u are invading ppl. I don’t
    care ‘how much’ control you say the public will have..there are always loop
    holes and underlines to that.


    I N T E L / I N S I D E,,, THINK ABOUT IT…

  20. Patients won’t own their personal data, the NSA will. We might feel like we
    have control over our data but the ultimate truth is the NSA are the ones
    in control of our data. For now at-least.

  21. lots of negative comments here which is not surprising since this tech is
    fairly invasive compared to what we typically are used to. it’s one thing
    to have a smart phone that comes with us where ever we go but as tech
    continues to gain more access to our full identities (our lifestyle, our
    internal body functions/stats) we begin to see privacy simple get stripped
    away. the only reason why humans have a problem with their privacy getting
    stripped away is a because of a lack of trust to the authorities. that is
    the crux of the problem.

    no one wants another a neighbor or NSA inteligence analyst to be able to
    see into their home because they fear the information that their neighbor
    or NSA intel analyst gathers will be used against them in some way. maybe
    this collected info (audio/video/email) can be used to black mail them or
    be used against them in the court of law.

    there are things that many people do in private that would destroy their
    reputation if it ever got out. if they were threatened by the release of
    that sensitive, rep destroying data, they could easily be controlled by the
    data owning party. they may not be criminals in the official sense but in
    the unofficial sense they are. if that data got out in our community they
    might be outcast and that is similar to being jailed.

    on the other hand some people may be criminal in their private lives
    (physically abusing family members, planning crimes, downloading of illegal
    porn) in which case they obviously would not want neighbors or NSA intel
    analysts getting hold of their sensitive data (phone conversations, email,
    hard drives, etc)

    the question is which person are you. maybe you are neither and if that is
    true, you might even still be offended at your privacy being taken away.
    why? because maybe you are a perfectionist and do not want to be seen as
    lazy by your doctor, life coach or therapist. on the other hand, maybe you
    do want to be monitored so you can become a more productive and achieving

    for most people, knowing that another human somewhere will potentially see
    part or a lot their private life is very scary. once again, its is trust
    issue. until the trust issue is solved, people will always have a problem
    with surveillance. people want to know that it is a two way street. a
    solution to this major issue is allowing the complete transparency.
    allowing the surveilled to surveil the surveillers. obviously we can not
    yet allow this to happen because of the limitations of our current
    infrastructure and technology but in time this will be the norm.

    complete and utter transparency through out society equates to the complete
    extinction of crime on all levels. the only way to achieve this is to know
    every one’s thoughts and the only way to achieve that is to get computers
    in everyone’s brains and have them stream thoughts to decentralized data
    processors where AI will scan each thought making judgement calls on each
    thought. if the AI catches a criminal thought then that human will be taken
    to a reprogramming center to be thoroughly reconditioned via brain

    sure it sounds like a complete sci-fi film now, but in 20 to 30 years it
    just may be our daily reality. 

  22. Orwellian wet dream. Whatever happened to using our human senses and logic?

  23. Stress is the main cause diseases, mind over matter, and meditation.

  24. Where is the boundary between man and cyborg?

  25. Where is the boundary between man and cyborg?

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