1. Aww. My Queen is so cool.

  2. So great! :D

  3. Where are the intelligent questions?

  4. she really has incredible eyes

  5. the questions are actually good 

  6. Beautifuld my queen!We love you Madonna!

  7. “Why are you fat”? That’s rude.

  8. Good job Maurie :-)

  9. All hail to the queen. I bowed when she said “resistance makes me stronger
    ” .

  10. That’s the closest view I’ve ever had of her forehead! Lol Loved her
    responses though! Love her!!!

  11. My lovee MADONNA!!!!

  12. What makes HC different?…I’m here. HAHAHAHA <3

  13. we NEVER see her from this angle, wow! especialy today! i loved it!

  14. M in Toronto …

  15. Holy shit….. her skin…..flawless

  16. She’s still gorgeous!

  17. omgilovehersomuch

  18. This is rude, not the way to treat a queen. Off with their heads.

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