Lymph Nodes Benefit from Rebound Exercise at the Cellular Level

Rebound exercise, performed on a mini trampoline, is a real form of fitness that benefits our bodies at a cellular level. It’s not just exercising muscles. Every cell within the body is exercised. “Rebounding is a cellular exercise because it causes all of the cells of the body to physically adjust to what is perceived by them as a more demanding internal environment,” according to Albert Carter, founder of the American Institute of Reboundology.

When we bounce, every cell in our body experiences stress. Without going into the scientific explanation of rebounding, the cells must defend themselves and they do this by strengthening their cells walls. In essence, our cells are challenged and they respond by becoming stronger. Stronger cells contribute to a stronger body and improved health.

Rebounding Increases Cellular Cleansing

Rebound exercises cause our cells to clean house. Water passes in and out of cells continually. The water carries oxygen, nutrients, hormones and enzymes, and flushes out cellular waste products. This movement of water is called diffusion. When the body experiences increases in G forces, the diffusion rate of water in and out of cells increases as well. This increases the cleansing forces within each cell of the body, and that means the good things are being transported more quickly, and the waste products are being eliminated more often, resulting in healthier and stronger cells.

Rebound Exercise Benefits the Lymphatic System and Lymph Nodes

The human body’s lymphatic system is the means by which fluids can flow from the spaces between cells into the blood. Of greatest importance is that the lymphatic system carries proteins and large particles away from tissue spaces. Neither protein nor large particles can be absorbed directly into the blood capillaries. The removal of protein from the spaces between cells is a function necessary for our survival.

There is three times as much lymph fluid in your body as there is blood. This fluid surrounds the tissue cells of the body. Albert Carter, America’s #1 rebounding expert explains in his book, The New Miracles of Rebound Exercising, that when cells need nutrients they retrieve them from the lymph fluid. When cells need to get rid of waste, they go to the lymph fluid. So it makes sense that the greater the circulation of the lymph fluid, the healthier a person will be.

Our blood has the heart to pump it through the body, but the lymph fluid does not have such a pump. As opposed to a pump, lymph fluid moves by something more like a hydraulic pressure system. There are valves throughout the lymphatic system – large and small valves – and they occur every few millimeters in a lymph channel and some close together. These valves are one-way valves. The motion of moving up and down during rebounding exercises enables maximum activation of these one-way valves. This means an increase in the flow of lymph fluids.

On the bottom of a rebounder bounce, gravity closes the lymph system valves. At the top of the bounce, due to decreased pressure, and the force of the fall, the valves are open and the lymph fluid flows. With the help of rebound exercise, the internal system of the human body is cleansed and detoxified.

Rebound exercise has numerous surprising health benefits, and nearly everyone can and should incorporate rebounding into their fitness routine. There is a variety of steps and moves that can be done on your rebounder to keep your exercise fun and interesting. Be sure to do some research before purchasing rebounding equipment to be sure you are getting stable and durable equipment.


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