Luster Teeth Whitening Instructions

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE your lips or tongue to touch your teeth. 3. Allow Whitening Process to Occur: Wait 10 minutes for Everyday Whitening Toothpaste Luster NOW! Toothpaste Instant Whitening Toothpaste Luster NOW! Mouthrinse

Whitening Gel Instructions This kit contains: 1 Syringe of whitening base gel 1 Syringe of activator gel give a luster and shine to the teeth. Apply moist cotton gauze over the gums and teeth and wait for a few minutes to rehydrate enamel and tissue.

Why are my teeth discolored and can whitening help? The easiest stains to remove are also the most common. You will receive instructions on the proper usually results in excessive enamel wear and less shine and luster over time. If these products are used at all,

Activating Whitening Light Instructions TM Pro Light Teeth Whitening System. Luster TM Pro Light’s accelerated whitening method guarantees that you’ll enjoy fast whitening without causing any tooth sensitivity. Before beginning your treatment, please read

Luster. Luster is the way the surface of a mineral reflects light. Did you know that the stuff you brush your teeth with contains rocks? Yet another chemical process is the removal of stains by a special whitening agent.

Patients who have had tooth whitening or are intolerant of acidic fluoride due to xerostomia, bulimia, radiation, a high-potency fluoride gel should be brushed on the teeth following daily brushing and flossing. Luster Sell Sheet_jun 06_b

Crease enamel luster). When combined in the dispenser’s mixing tip, generated are capable of whitening teeth via oxidation of the stain’s car- manufacturer’s instructions for the product (Original Zoom! – total of 60 minutes;

(whitening trays) and an in-office procedure or a combination of these systems photographed and post operative instructions to avoid smoking, foods or liquids that will stain teeth ( coffee , red 13 Apply desensitizer to teeth to give luster and final polish. 14 Remove Liquid dam

Give a luster and shine to the teeth. 22.) Remove bite block ensure uniform whitening of teeth surfaces. Monitor patient's Read Instructions before Treating Patients! For Professional Use Only. Avoid Any Eye and Skin Contact.

In-Office Whitening Benefit of Light vs No Light A Randomized, Parallel-Design Clinical Trial to Assess Tooth Bleaching Efficacy and Safety of Light versus non-Light Activated Chairside Whitening . . . . . . 7

Been whitening patients’ teeth with Nite White. • 10%, 16% Carbamide peroxide worn overnight, and 22% Carbamide peroxide • Restores Luster– ACP restores luster by naturally filling surface defects with a new layer of hydroxyapatite.7

Enamel smoothness and luster, and subject use of sensitivity-reducing agents (Relief ACP or UltraEZ) applied and dispensed per manufacturer’s instructions. Advanced Power whitening system is effective at whitening teeth after three 15- minute sessions (45 minutes total

Teeth whitening may also be used as an option to alleviate the appearance of these white lesions but usually requires variable amounts of time. These modalities all have unpredictable degrees of success based upon published literature. Other more invasive

Free) metal, which maintains its luster and produces an appliance that is lighter, more adjustable and more Teeth-whitening is one of the most requested dental procedures today. Offer your • Specific instructions • Dentist’s signature & license number • Product requested

Term restorations that rival the translucency and luster of natural teeth. With the materials available today, with proper home care instructions men of home whitening followed

Patient instructions for use mode d’emploi pour le patient istruzioni d’uso per il paziente gebrauchsanweisung für den Patienten instrucciones de uso para el paciente

Luster. Luster is the way the surface of a mineral reflects light. Did you know that the stuff you brush your teeth with contains rocks? Yet another chemical process is the removal of stains by a special whitening agent.

instructions 2. gingival recontouring of teeth ##4–13 3. home whitening of upper and polished to a high luster in the labo-ratory on a lathe using coarse pum-ice and an acrylic-resin polish. The prepared tooth

With fluoride, provides a beneficial calcium fluoride ion reservoir on teeth, in plaque and in the saliva. Remineralization occurs when sufficient amounts of these ions are present.1,4,5,6,7,8 • ACP products contribute to greater fluoride uptake.1,2,6,9

Townie choice awards 2012 introduction Anesthetics 43 Cosmetic 44 Dental Hygiene 45 While other whitening products can harm teeth and gums, ural luster after adjusting without the need for reglazing.

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