1. ⋆⚓⋆ Laelix ⋆⚓⋆

    You have always been beautiful, but I know that your weight has seemingly
    bothered you. I’m pleased as punch to see you happy. ♥ Keep going girl!

  2. can you show us your progress? Or is that a bit much for you right now?

  3. You’re awesome
    Stay positive
    Im going to London for 10 days in march 2014 (14th onwards)
    Hope you can do fan meet
    Lots of live front your ardent subber

  4. Missed you too sweetie! WOW! You’re looking great and doing great obviously
    too! You go girl! If I could get back down to 145 pounds, I’d be a hot
    grandma! LOL! I think you’d look fab as a blonde! I can’t wait to see what
    you choose! Love ya! ♥ dig ♥

  5. I want to do this with you …and I used to do low carb and loved it but I
    really really need your help with ideas on what to have for meals. PLEASE
    let us know what you’re eating as much as possible. I’m truly miserable
    right now and need this badly.

  6. I love seeing your updates and your beautiful smiling face. I’d love to
    join along, it might be the inspiration I need to kick start me. Rock on
    tomorrow & here’s wishing for good internet connection. Yay to your moving
    somewhere totally Awesome:)♥

  7. Hi Lauren. Nice seeing you again. And nice seeing you happy and healthy 🙂
    Smile often :)

  8. Omg Lauren big change… Ur lookin amazing

  9. You’re looking great!!!

  10. thank you for this video I have been struggling with my low carb diet
    lately. funny thing is just started getting back on track yesterday. and
    just found your video. very good video. :)

  11. Lauren, I have been subscribed to you for about 5 years or so, and I’d just
    like to say that I think you look the nicest in this video compared to all
    your vids and makeup tutorials you’ve done. I’m so sick of seeing makeup
    caked on everyone’s face (guys and girls these days). You look happy,
    healthy and glowing. It’s great to see you like this. =P

  12. low carb is not the most healthy diet… what happens if you start to eat
    carb again? Mediterrean diet is the best ;-)

  13. Im confused where are you going to put up the menus??

  14. You look beautiful….but, I always thought you were beautiful:):) Keep
    healthy luv,…and smile often:) xx

  15. Lauren you look stunning but you always have. I love your updates. Thanks
    so much!

  16. Oh my goodness! You look so different !
    You were always beautiful. I’m so proud of you and you have inspired me so

  17. Good luck babez

  18. So proud of you Lauren! Definitely would like to join you on this final
    part of your goal!! I’ve been off this healthy living wagon for too long.

  19. You are looking great girl!! I just found out I have low thyroid. And TONS
    of food allergies. I’m going to be taking sugar,carbs, and most gluten (as
    much as I can) out of my diet.

  20. Lauren, girl you have been gone so long. I looked forward to a vid almost
    everyday but you disappeared. I am beyond happy for your weightloss and the
    fact you did it for you and no one else. It is inspirational, yet your
    channel has changed along with you. No makeup tutorials or lucky dips? No
    holiday chic, are you lackluster for color? Missing you and your sparkle,

  21. I’m so excited! I really hope your internet works. I joined the group on
    Facebook, I really want to try low carb but it’s sort of daunting because I
    LOVE them!! Plus I am very overweight.

  22. Just wondering. How tall are you? Oh, and great job :D. A lot of people can
    loose weight. Maintaining is the hardest. So if you’re managing that, than
    most of the battle is won.

  23. Going to join you, have to lose some weight. You look amazing and I have
    missed your videos. I have been watching you since you started on here.

  24. Wow! I didn’t watch your videos for a while! Your Face is all Slim!!!

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