25 Health and Confidence Signs Which Tell You “You’re Getting There”

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1; Looking at yourself in the mirror brings a smile to your face

2; You run for the bus and don’t collapse in a heap on the ground

3; In clothes shops and you actually have a choice

4; You don’t blame the world, or other people for your problems

5; You aren’t afraid of your partner seeing you in the nude.

6; When the alarm goes off in the morning you jump out of bed instead of groaning and turning over.

alarm clock

7; Now, you don’t bother yourself worrying whether people like you … You just assume they do!

8; You dress for yourself and not how other people expect you to

9; People pigeon hole you because of your job or achievements, not the size of your backside

10; Saying “no” holds no fear for you any more

11; Your teenage children start to raid your wardrobe

12; Friends now consist of people from all walks of life, not just ones who are fatter or uglier than you!

13; You start doing good turns for people, not because you want anything in return, but just because you want to.

14; You feel proud of your achievements instead of running yourself down

15; Laughing at yourself comes easy when you make a mistake

16; People say you look fantastic, but they can’t put their finger on exactly why

17; You set regular goals now you are not worried that you might not achieve them

18; Your intuition has been fine tuned to tell when you are starting opportunity in the face

19; You start to introduce changes into your routine and way of thinking

20; If your romantic relationship isn’t working, you have the courage to either change it or discard it

21; You don’t feel the need to put things off any more, you are raring to go

22; You know the directions to the nearest gym – because you are a regular there

23; “Bad Hair Days” aren’t as frequent as they used to be

24; You stay cool for longer periods and find yourself sweating less

25; Your life feels ‘on track’ and you instinctively know you are heading in the right direction


Gail Miller is author of “WILD CHILD – A Mother, A Son & ADHD” The true story of a mother driven to despair by her unruly son, and her fight with the authorities for recognition & treatment for his condition. ISBN 1 872229 24 7 Patten Press http://home.freeuk.net/theadhdgazette/wild.html

She also publishes “The ADD / ADHD Gazette” the on – line ezine accenting the positive side of ADHD.http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/ADDGazette

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Updated: April 29, 2013 — 1:18 am

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