Losing Weight While Working In Your Office

Losing Weight

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Working in an office hardly seems like the ideal place for you to lose weight but there are some simple things that you can do throughout the day which will lead to a significant improvement in your weight loss attempts.

Spending all day at your desk then coming home doesn’t exactly put you in the mood to exercise and when stressed out through work it can be difficult to focus on eating healthily (as our minds tend to focus on comfort foods) however we are going to look at a few simple changes you can do in your office which will help with losing weight.

It is a really obvious one but something that a lot of people don’t do: take the stairs. If you are working on the 4th or 5th floor for example then walking up the stairs in the morning then back down when you are leaving is actually equivalent to quite a lot of exercise. It is so easy to just jump in the elevator in the morning but take 5 extra minutes out your day and take the stairs – after a few days or a week you will get into the routine and won’t even think about taking the lift up to your floor.

Lunch is the big downfall for many people when trying to lose weight. Often we don’t get a lot of time for lunch at work so it is just a case of grabbing something quick and this can often mean grabbing something unhealthy as that kind of food always seems to take the least time to prepare. However a good idea is to make lunch the night before; make up a salad with salmon for instance. This only takes a few minutes, pop it into a Tupperware box in the fridge and you have a healthy lunch for the next day that is also going to be much healthier.

A big problem with people who lead busy lives is eating breakfast. Getting the right amount of sleep in addition to making work on time are not often compatible but try and get up 20 minutes earlier and eat a proper breakfast. Believe it or not missing breakfast often leads to people putting more weight on due to the need to snack throughout the day often on chocolate or sweets so a breakfast of protein and grains will boost your metabolism and also allow you to resist the urge to eat unhealthily before lunch.

Spending all your working hours in an office at your desk is counterproductive to trying to lose weight but all is not lost. Following the simple guides that are in this article will allow you to supplement your core program to lose weight and start shedding the pounds. Little things like taking the stairs can have a massive impact in the long run and contribute towards significant long term success. Remember, losing weight isn’t a sprint but a marathon and the real results are often further down the line.




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