Lose Weight with Free Workout Videos

If you are in the process of improving or developing a fitness routine, trying to lose weight, or looking for new ideas to change your workout routine you’ll love the following list of free workout videos. Each of these videos is online, some can be downloaded, and other free workout videos cannot.

The best way to utilize online fitness tools like these free weight loss and workout videos is to use them as a learning tool. Choose from among several free exercise or workout videos and create the health and fitness program which best meets your needs and challenges your body.

Free Weight Loss Exercises at Fitness Magazine

Fitness Magazine is by far my favorite online fitness resource. Not only do they offer free exercise, weight training, and workout videos, but there are hundreds of articles that will motivate you and encourage you to whip yourself into shape in no time at all. Whether you want to learn Pilates, Yoga, Budokon, or more traditional exercises that will help your body become trim and toned check out the free fitness videos at Fitness Magazine.

Free Fitness Videos at Weight Watchers Online

Most everyone has heard of Weight Watchers. Their weight loss program has worked for millions of people, however, you don’t have to join a local Weight Watchers club or the Weight Watchers online community to benefit from the exercises shared vie video at Weight Watchers.

The easiest way to find fitness videos on Weight Watchers is to browse their current articles. Very often videos accompany the article to demonstrate how to correctly execute the recommended exercises and fitness routines.

Get Free Fitness Tips from Bob Greene

Bob Greene is the innovator of The Best Life Diet. Bob Greene’s diet and fitness routines became a household name when Bob Greene was Oprah Winfrey’s personal trainer when she began a major health and fitness routine a few years ago. Oprah may have fell off the wagon, but Bob Greene keeps pressing on inspiring people through diet, videos, and workout routines to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Becoming a member of Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet website for $19.95 per month, or sign up for Bob Greene’s newsletter and you will receive diet and fitness tips in your email inbox along with mini-video vignettes that show some of Bob’s unique exercises designed to be squeezed in to busy moments in your life. I’ve learned great new exercises that can be done in the office sitting at my desk. My recommendation is to sign-up for the newsletter and enjoy the benefit of free diet and exercise tips by Bob Greene.

Featured videos are always available on Bob Greene’s website. In order to access the full library you must join.

Hundreds of Free Fitness Videos on Youtube

There are literally hundreds of free weight loss, exercise, and fitness routine videos available on Youtube. As with all things on Youtube, choose exercise videos with discretion. I prefer to stick with well known trainers, programs, or fitness instructors when I look for weight training or cardio workouts on Youtube.

You can be on your way to weight loss and physical fitness in no time at all by utilizing free online weight loss tips, exercises, and fitness routines.

Best of luck on your weight loss journey!

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