Los Angeles Acupuncture Center Shares Seasonal Tips for Healthy Immune Systems

Pacific Palisades, CA (PRWEB) November 14, 2013

Thumos Health Center, a leadingacupuncture center in Los Angeles, is sharing tips designed to keep people healthy all season. With the arrival of fall comes a drop in temperatures and a change of scenery. In nature, the leaves are changing and falling and crops are harvested. Gathering and elimination are the traits of fall, and can also be seen with human health. To prepare for the upcoming cold and flu season, Thumos Health Center is advising people to eat local, seasonal produce known to have a powerful impact on immune systems.

Fall is the beginning of the yin cycle where people must work extra hard to balance their emotional life. Grief, sadness and depression are more prevalent during this season due to the passing of summer’s warm days and the loss in daylight. To restore the balance, Thumos Health Center recommends supplements including truffles, ginseng and rhodiola.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that food is medicine. During this season when asthma, allergies and skin problems can affect almost anyone, seasonal produce must prepare bodies for the damp and cold ahead. Reprograming one’s diet can help maintain energy and keep a body running at optimum health.

Enjoy fall’s colorful harvest with the following produce known for their healthy qualities and nourishment:

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