Looking for a Personal Fitness Trainer

How motivated are you? So many people find that a personal fitness trainer can keep them on track and push them to the limit. Now that there are so many places to go get fit, and the number of personal trainers has increased, getting your own personal trainer has become a real possibility to so many of us.

According to Cedric Bryant, PhD, chief exercise physiologist at the America Council on Exercise. Some studies have shown that personal trainers can help peope stick to their exercise routines more effectively than they would on their own. Its not just about weight-lifting,and cardio anymore, no its more about developing a healthy and fit lifestyle. Picking your personal fitness trainer can be a bit much when you haven’t had experience with a personal trainer.

Why do some people feel they need a personal trainer? Some people may ask themselves, why give my money to a personal fitness trainer when I can do the same thing at home for free. A personal fitness trainer can be benefical to you especially if you have problems staying on task. Motivation,some people do better if they have someone to answer to and help push them harder than they would push themselves. According to WebMD Hagerman, he says it saves time and it reduces injuries. Plus you have someone who can focus on certain parts of your body that need more work than other parts, developing a routine and a variety of workout techniques to keep your body in cardio mode while using the weights as well. Another good reason to have a personal trainer is learning how to properly use the equipment, rather than wasting time trying to figure it out on your own.

According to Hagerman, a lot of people in the gym learn exercises by watching other people do them. But the person they’re watching probably learned by watching someone else, and whoever started the chain never got it right to begin with. I agree with Hagerman, there have been times I went to the gym and learned to use some equipment or exercise by watching someone else to find that it was not correct. Also, spending your money can be motivation enough to having a personal fitness trainer. Most people get fit because they don’t want their money to go to waste.

When looking for a trainer, certification, their educational background, CPR, defibrilator, and liability insurance are most important. You should not work with a personal trainer who does not have liability insurance, although they may have you sign a waiver. Another thing, make sure your personal fitness trainer is in shape themselves then at least some of what their telling you will encourage you to reach your goal. For me I started with a journal-writing down eveything I ate and dranked, a picture of someone that I wanted to look like, and I set a goal of how much weight I wanted to lose. Before you meet with your trainer know how much weight you want to lose 10lbs or 80lbs. How many days a week you can afford and how long you want to your sessions to be 30mins. or 60mins. Remember your personal fitness trainer is not God, you didn’t put on the weight over night so it will not come off over night. Be patience stick to a routine and follow a healthy eating plan that’s reasonable for you. Make several short term goals that will lead up to your long term goal the actual weight lost. Push yourself to make your training sessions. The days I really didnt want to go are the days I really pushed myself to go workout.

Lastly, one of the most important things to consider is whether you and your trainer have a good relationship. This relationship is not a friendship. Hagerman says since you will be spending time with this person it should be someone you like. Make sure you are comfortable with this person and you are not afraid to ask questions. Because if there isn’t a good rapport there, you will not want to go back to the gym. In the end, have a good time and get those pounds off.(source, WebMd)

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