Live Chat With Dr. Bellonzi- Weight Loss,Fitness&Clinical Nutrition Q&A

Live Chat With Dr. Bellonzi- Weight Loss,Fitness&Clinical Nutrition Q&A.

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Updated: February 7, 2014 — 6:08 am


  1. Fast Track Health and Fitness

    Here is the link for the LIVE CHAT @ 5:00 Jump on in….

    Live Chat With Dr. Bellonzi- Weight Loss,Fitness&Clinical Nutrition Q&A

  2. Thank you very much DR! i hope to meet you one day or make an appointment.

  3. Wiping your butt with a wet cloth after No 2, fixed my hemorrhoids.

  4. i meant the only source of sugar i can eat are fruits and dates not the
    only thing to eat of course

  5. I’m a beekeeper and I am very upset because my bees have been affected by
    CCD. It’s really upsetting. They ALL just vanished, not one bee in sight.

  6. toilet paper drys out your hemorroids.

  7. toilet paper drys out your hemorroids

  8. Did they put a cell tower close to your bee hives?

  9. no, not me. I’m not pregnant. Thank You for addressing my question.

  10. Thanks Dr. B, thanks everyone!

  11. fun chat have a good week

  12. Thumbs up!

  13. Love you guys, see you all soon!

  14. Thanks for being here & Thanks Dr. Bellonzi, great show!!

  15. thank you so much Dr.Bellonzi

  16. My wife wants to go nude sky diving and I don’t. What should I do?

  17. awesome just pure awesome knowledge from a pro!

  18. +Carlo Bari Do It!

  19. how can we get rid of water retention ? thank you

  20. What might get rid of acne 

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