1. Thank you very much !

  2. Thanks, Dr. Bellonzi.

  3. those drs sound like the ones who will ever prescribe pills or want to cut
    you open and not give any real alternatives

  4. ever=either

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  6. Thank you so much for your time =)!

  7. damn I missed a lot :c

  8. ….peeeeeeep

  9. I workout 5 days a week,

  10. Thanks again!

  11. you missed my question how relieve a sore throat? what can to much protein
    do your body?????????

  12. Corrina TheHealthCoach

    Thanks Dr. Bellonzi!!!!

  13. yall have good evenings…

  14. it was very informative! Thanks!

  15. Thanks for your time, I’ll see you next week with my question, it might
    have been answered already as I missed some.

  16. if question didnt get answered come back next week the question will still
    be here and you can spring it on him then

  17. Corrina TheHealthCoach

    Love you all, thanks for being here!!!

  18. thank you for caring and sharing kind sir!

  19. night night it’s bed time for me in the UK

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  21. * passes out cupcakes b4 the chat ends *

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