1. do you believe in hypnotism to help lose weight?

  2. Is it ok if I toast my nuts?

  3. good question Bonker

  4. Cool i was gonna ask you about raw milk.

  5. they dont bonkers. they dont like me

  6. Ive wondered about hypnotism….I don’t think it works like it did on
    Gilligan’s Island though

  7. I have been drinking unpasteurized milk for a while now…I love it.

  8. c1:06:00 We’d love it if you did this all day.

  9. Only 19? Don’t forget to Like guys!

  10. how can i email u and were;o

  11. How did they make all those coconut cream pies on Gilligans Island?

  12. Thank you so much, Corrina and Melissa!! Love you both!!

  13. ‘Bye.

  14. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  15. Im a hypnotherapist and I asked them before about it.

  16. You have to admit…Corrina (and melissa) are very smart.Then again, maybe
    Mike is feeding them some of the answers.

  17. great LiveChat 🙂

  18. Be My Valentine

  19. She never answered my question about hypnotism to help lose weight Sorry !

  20. What do you think of N.A.E.T. ?

  21. Awsome

  22. Melissa is so beautiful, like a Queen in halcyon days of yore <3 <3

  23. Melissa looks stoned and what’s up with her hair? total mess!

  24. What Your Dreams Mean:

  25. why does Melissa remind me of Nicole Richie…lol

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