Liquid eggs enriched with omega 3 deliver heart health benefits.

Eating omega 3-enriched liquid eggs can improve blood triglyceride

levels, boost heart health, and help families reach their daily

recommended intake of omega 3, according to the results of a clinical

trial published in Food Research International.

The trial, conducted by University of Guelph researchers Emily Rose

and Bruce Holub, showed that a breakfast consisting of Burnbrae

Farms’ (Guelph, Ontario) Naturegg Break-Free Omega 3 liquid eggs

decreased blood triglyceride levels by 32%, reduced the

triglyceride/HDL-cholesterol ratio by 37%, and produced a moderate

reduction in blood pressure levels without impacting serum cholesterol.

The EPA and DHA blood levels of the test subjects rose 96% and 210%

respectively, significantly lowering their estimated cardiovascular risk


The Naturegg Break-Free Omega 3 liquid egg used in the study

delivered 630 mg of both DHA and EPA.A 50 ml serving of Naturegg

Break-Free Omega 3 would provide a total of 250 mg of EPA and DHA, twice

the average daily intake of EPA and DHA omega 3 in the North American


The clinical trial involved 16 healthy men with moderately elevated

triglyceride levels in their blood–greater than 90 mg per deciliter of

serum (I mmol/L). The men, between the ages of 30 and 65, were assigned

to either eat an omega 3-enriched liquid egg breakfast or a control

breakfast for an initial 21-day period, followed by the alternate

breakfast for a second 21-day period. The two periods were separated by

a washout period of 10 weeks, during which time the subjects returned to

their usual diets.

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