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If you are determined that this year is your year to get fit and healthy again, then you need to plan it out. Taking your bigger picture and breaking it into 12 week – three months – goals is ideal. It makes your goal achievable and you can celebrate each milestone along the way.

It is essential that you commit yourself to the vision you have created for yourself, be it strength, slimness, energy, overcoming a specific illness, whatever your health goals are, you need to be very clear about defining MEASURABLE goals that are linked to a TIME frame so that you can’t weasel out of it with the normal “I’ll start tomorrow” excuses.

Then you also need to be realistic with yourself and your past track record, and make your goals genuinely ACHIEVABLE. It requires common sense and honesty to set goals you know you can achieve, even if it is less than you ‘hope’ to do – it is better to be pleasantly surprised every 12 weeks than to be crushingly disappointed ever 12 weeks!

Just know that you can achieve any realistic goal that you truly MUST have in your life. If becoming slim and fit is a MUST in your life, absolutely non-negotiable, you will somehow find the way and the means to make it happen. If the picture in your mind is sharp and clear, in full colour, and you feel the joy of achieving this goal, then your mind will make sure you do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Don’t waste any more of your time or your optimism just dreaming about it. This is it. This time, you’ll stick to your get-your-body-in-shape-for-real promise. Don’t mind the studies that say that most resolutions are through even when they’re only half way done. That won’t happen to you simply because you won’t allow it to. It’s a matter of setting a goal with a detailed plan for accomplishing it. You need eight weeks of your six-month plan. Now, you ask yourself, why six months? Because during the first month of your new program, 80 percent of your strength gains are neuro-muscular. This means that your brain is just getting used to moving these different types of muscles. So, stopping there is tantamount to pulling the curtain right before the big show.

After about two months, you’ll realize your potential for fat loss and muscle tone. After four months, you’ll be perceptibly stronger, and give it two more months, everyone will notice your age-defying hot body. The plan should progress as you do. This is a great time to notice just how much you’ve accomplished so that you avoid hitting the plateau.

To get started, you must figure out how fit you are. All you need is a step, a stability ball, a water bottle, and a mat. Follow your eight-week plan and then test your progress. See if you’ve already got potential to push yourself further. It’s all about willpower here and knowing that you can stick to your plan even in the most difficult of situations. If you know that you’re in it until the very end, give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve just passed with flying colors. Also, keep challenging yourself by adding weights to strength moves or subtracting some rest time from your cardio routines. Count your heart rate. If you’ve passed the age of 40, it should go 125 beats per minute or higher.

Then, get the stability ball and perform push-ups. The goal is to perform 10 of it with your arms shoulder-width apart and legs elevated on a 65-inch stability ball. The farther your torso is from the ball, the harder it’ll be for you to complete the set. To start, try to do them with the fronts of your ankles on the ball. If that’s impossible, try from your knees. If that’s still too tough, place the ball under your thighs and move the ball lower on your body as you progress.

Later, do the one-minute squat. Stand in front of a 12-inch step with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms to shoulder height and hold them straight out in front of you. Drop your hips as though you’re sitting in a chair until your butt touches the step. Return to start and repeat as many times as you can in one minute, maintaining good form. Your goal for this move is to be able to do it 30 or more times within the allotted time.

These workouts were designed to keep your health on track. The basic goal here is to allow your body to burn the maximum amount of fat until you’ve reached your ideal weight.

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Updated: October 29, 2012 — 2:31 pm

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