Learn To Eat The Right Way In Order To Lose The Fat

by Babs ‘O’Reilly
(Miami Beach, Florida, USA)

Wanting to shed a few pounds before a special event or a holiday seems to be a common theme. At those times most of us look ourselves over and decide that we could use at least a little sprucing up here and there if we are to look our best.

But not surprisingly, during such times we may be busier than usual, anxious or excited about the occasion and eating right might not be the first thing on our minds.

This leaves us wondering what the key to losing that ugly body fat and those excess pounds is. The answer may surprise you so keep reading.

First it is important to understand that your metabolic rate is the secret to the success or failure of any weight management program or plan. This is the process that the body uses to convert calories from food into fuel for the body to use for energy.

A calorie is actually a measurement of energy. Unfortunately your body will not be able to use all of the calories you consume right away. Let me back up for a moment. Your body is always generating new cells and it is constantly breathing, as well as performing other functions that keep you alive.

When you eat food your metabolism will use some of those calories to convert into the energy needed to perform those tasks. But your body does not require a great many calories for the essential functions. When you consume additional calories your body must find a use for them.

In many cases those extra calories will be stored for later use; often these calories are stored as fat. Perhaps you will need those when you workout or when you are late for an appointment and have to run up the stairs.

A key to losing fat is eating right. What I mean is eating smaller meals several times a day. These meals should consist of smaller portions of nutritious foods.

By eating more often you will keep your metabolism working at a faster pace and you will prevent yourself from getting to that hungry stage.

It seems that when we start feeling hungry we are much more likely to reach for a quick snack. The bad news is that most quick snacks are high in fat and calorie content.

The important thing is to plan your meals ahead of time. Know in advance what you will be eating. This will prevent that last minute rush for whatever you can find, which again is likely to be less than a good choice.

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Updated: October 29, 2012 — 2:29 pm

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