Latest Fitness Craze Workouts

Are you overwhelmed by the many fitness craze workouts that are available to your? By reading on, you can decide which popular fitness workouts are best for you.


By accident, celebrity fitness trainer, “Beto” Perez, stumbled upon Latin inspired workouts, when in his native Columbia, he forgot his aerobics music, so he went out to his car and grabbed his salsa and merengue music tapes on which he had been raised. It was a challenge to teach his class using non-tradtional aerobics music, but Beto rose above it and from that, Zumba was born. Zumba is one of the most popular fitness workouts today. The Zumba routines feature interval training sessions alternating fast and slow rhythms and resistance training that are combined to burn fat while toning and sculpting the body. As of July 2009, Zumba was being taught at over 40,000 locations in seventy five countries.

The Swiss Ball Workout

Another latest fitness craze is the Swiss Ball Work Out. Gyms across the country are incorporating inflatable exercise equipment into their routines. The Swiss ball, also known as the medicine ball, is a large ball used for a number of exercises. The main principle of the Swiss ball is because it’s inflatable and wobbly, when you lean on it or sit on it to exercise, your body has to work muscles it wouldn’t normally use on a static or stable piece of exercise equipment. Because you are working muscles you wouldn’t ordinarily work, you work muscles that are deeper in your body that support joints. Because of this phenomenon, a good workout on a Swiss ball will not only tone your muscles, it can also improve your posture too. The Swiss ball is one of the fitness craze workouts that are gaining in popularity, not only because it works to tone and strengthen your muscles, but because it looks likes fun. Most gym or work out equipment looks boring, but when something looks like fun, people are more apt to try it.

The Military Workout

If you’re looking to work your muscles harder than you ever did in your life, this next latest fitness craze is for you. The Military Workout creates each of it’s classes differently. Some classes will look like a traditional gym setting, but you will have to do push ups and sit ups for the entire session. Other classes will feature an instructor that shouts orders at the class members or (recruits) and will require them to wear army fatigues. This latest fitness craze will feature lots of basic exercises including running and sprints, but will also feature other exercises such as crawling, rope climbing, climbing over walls and navigating obstacle courses. If you’re new to working out or not in the best shape, this latest fitness craze might be something you need to work up to.


Karve has been coined “Workout of the Stars.” This latest fitness craze is made up of many small intense movements, but are not jarring or hard on the joints. These movements are never no more than an inch in any direction. The high number of repetitious movements focuses on form and control. Karve classes are kept small so that instructors can provide help for each individual as needed. Karve is said to be able to change the way your body looks in an hour a day. Karve is gentle, but you still get a vigorous workout. Because of the small class sizes, there is a sense of camaraderie which is adds an important element to the class.

4 Minute Workouts

Of all the many fitness craze workouts, this one could possibly be the most popular. A fitness chain located in downtown Toronto is offering his clients the benefits of aerobic exercise in only four minutes by utilizing high intensity workouts done on specialized machines. Many Canadians say they don’t have the time it takes to get in a full thirty minutes of exercise. It’s true that the workout is only four minutes in duration, but those who have tried it say it’s not as easy as it looks. Studies have shown that even brief albeit intense workouts or spurts of exercise can benefit those with heart disease and perhaps even promote weight loss.

Before trying these, or any latest fitness craze, check with your doctor or healthcare provider to make sure that popular workout classes can be a good choice for you.

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