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4kg Cast Iron Russian Kettlebell Kettlebells deliver STRENGTH, ENDURANCE and RAPID WEIGHT LOSS without the DISHONOUR of aerobics and dieting. The 4kg kettlebell is the lightest kettlebell we offer- uniquely

Coming in February. Limited places available. Please contact us for more information. NEW YEAR NEW SKILLS!! INTRODUCTION TO KETTLEBELLS! Learn the correct, safe techniques and get a great workout!

Kettlebells A workout with the 'bell' being the main focus. K ettlebell Foundations Teaching you all 7 of our primary K dezzi@duel-fit.co.uk Mikey Henry Head Coach e: mikey@duel-fit.co.uk Duel Fit, Unit 25, Albert Mill, Duchess Street, Lower Darwen, Lancashire.

Aerobics Easy Circuit Ladies only Studio Cycling Chair-Based Studio Cycling Pilates Zumba Bodypump Yoga Body Combat Studio Cycling Aqua-Aerobics

FREE swim in competition pool during public swim sessions. www.lisburncity.gov.uk £23.45 per month (Direct Debit) – Adult Membership £35.51 * Beginners attending Kettlebells arrive 15 minutes before for an induction Class Charges for Non

Very rare exception – The Real Deal. London Kettlebells have put together the UK's very own Kettlebell Instuctor Certification . Why, as an RKC and IKFF Instructor am I promoting

In competition. tsatsouline is a former soviet special forces kettlebells are too light for squats. Well, go try it. muscle-fitness.co.uk/andybolton pavel tsatsouline has trained elite military

What's the difference between Pro Grade and classic kettlebells? The Pro Grade Competition Kettlebells are our premium kettlebell product. Made from steel, the Pro Grade bell has been designed by the top Russian lifters and coaches for comfort and performance for serious

Myostrength.co.uk 01538 387960 Myo Kettlebells • Cast Iron stylish design • Super smooth handle. • Smooth vinyl coating which protects the kettlebell and the • Damage resulting from Olympic Training Discs and Competition Discs not being used on a suitable good quality Olympic Lifting

General questions regarding your kettlebell. I cover all of this in detail on this link. httpontheedgefitness.com/FAQ.aspx Do you ship to the UK, Australia, Canada, or International? Yes. All of On

The chest to the floor! Anton below with a 32kg Kettlebell! There is no class next Saturday as I'mthe first CrossFit Kids Certification in the UK! Don't forget, you can get your "Do you swing

(r) combo Workout w/ Core Focus- 28 min ( Kettlebells and Suspension Training ) – Bonus CoreIt's apart of life. Do you ship to the UK, Australia, Canada, or International? Yes. All of

Spend a Sunday afternoon!" – Darren, Peebles, UK "I actually feel for the first time that I haveworkshop was excellent" – Dougie, Fife, Scotland Kettlebell Basics & Bodyweight Essentials Energy Gym

Defence and strength training, and both UK and American forces have reapedor game. That means you! Take Russian kettlebells, for example. Russian power lifters

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