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Craigslist, Play it Again Sports stores and Ebay. • Making a modest investment in versatile, but inexpensive equipment • Starting a fitness class at work if you have the interest and the room—kettlebells, Zumba, yoga, etc. There are many local trainers and teachers who may be

Craigslist . More people are turning to Craigslist to sell unwanted items or purchase things they need. It is a FREE, quick and easy online service. No bidding, packing, or shipping just a straight forward classified service.

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Abs are tighter. Sweet. Still no luck with finding a cheap kettlebell on craigslist. I’ve read about people getting calluses from them, so that

A staple in his coffee. Looking for cheap C2 rowers and kettlebells on Craigslist is an addiction for him. Watch out!

What I knew on my own from kettlebells and a stationary bike I found for $35 on Craigslist. I did this all as a divorced

IronGrip barbell > barbell set off of Amazon.com or craigslist.org > Home-made Slosh Pipe > PVC pipes / bamboo Kettlebells: DragonDoor Kettlebells > PerformBetter KBs

Who I want to be! I love my two new super big dressers I bought from Craigslist last week and I'm feeling hopeful about finally being organized

Bench with a bunch of big weights from Craigslist for fairly cheap ($150). N bought a couple of kettlebells because he's insane. Meaning he has

Up to 50 lbs) to save space, a barbell and kettlebells. I don’t like owning large find so much at thrift stores and craigslist. Unless you get large equipment (and

To run out and get me some of 'dem kettlebells . They do look expensive (over $100) so I'm going to scour Craigslist and whatnot for deals. I need to

Blue moon someone sells a dragon door bell on craigslist. Probably worth jumping on it if you can. Some would make a kettlebell your very first purchase. If I could only buy ONE piece

Phoebe, my age-undetermined Specialized Craigslist find!) Again, I left not knowing how than I even added on a kettlebell and leg-heavy strength routine, which I

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