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More kettlebells, barbells, etc. and a bigger hole in our personal savings. It was at this point that I started to question our actions. I CrossFit is rapidly gaining momentum in Australia at the moment, and I am thankful that I had the support and

Our introduction of kettlebells and the world’s first kettlebell instructor certification program, the RKC, has dramatically altered the Marty winning the IPF World Championships as a master lifter in Australia in 1992. This is his opening 272.5 kilo deadlift weighing 212. He had lost 13

Group used 16kg kettlebells to complete kettlebell swings Research Review Girevoy… not circus strongmen? Title: The Event of 2012 | Together for the fi rst time in Australia | Train and Move Better for Sport & life The Functional Fitness Forum

Weight to Go Kettlebells 4 Autism 16 Consumer Corner: Autism Special Interest Group Guidelines 18 Interview with Dr. Joyce Mauk, Awareness Australia, a na-tional not-for-profit organi-zation. She is one of Aus-tralia’s leading advocates for the awareness and un-

And action amongst the Australian kettlebell fraternity. It is well knownpower juggler Oksana Nikifors! Kettlebell sport in the countries of origin

For those residing in Australia or New Zealand, check out: Australian Kettlebells Workout done – time for a snack – then off to pick up my boy Felix from

Me this shirt from Australian Kettlebells: Stronger, LeanerNote, the pictures of Australian scenery that Anna posts from

kettlebells like the ones shown below. This is what most Australian made kettlebells look like! Dragon Door is currently the only company in the world to

The world to a lifetime of insulin dependance Australians need to search for a method that isreliable for fat loss and exercise. Thankfully the kettlebell is a perfect answer to everyone’s

General questions regarding your kettlebell. I cover all of this in detail on this linkontheedgefitness.com/FAQ.aspx Do you ship to the UK, Australia, Canada, or International? Yes. All of On The Edge

R) combo Workout w/ Core Focus- 28 min ( Kettlebells and Suspension Training ) – Bonus Cores apart of life. Do you ship to the UK, Australia, Canada, or International? Yes. All of the On

Pull ups= 96 dead hangers Kettlebellers from around the world including Boston, Texas, England, and Australia Take advantage of our Free membership site and

Run educational courses across Europe, Australia and South Africa. As well as running theworld’s top fitness professionals, kettlebell athletes and strength coaches

That Dikul used to do with kettlebells. For those of you who areto be in NZ or have friends in Australia or New Zealand, please send them to

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